September 2008

Pedaling Glory

Alexi Singh Grewal, the only Indian American ever to win an Olympic gold, seeks to reform bicycling.

Smashing Comeback

Immigrants fuel a resurgence of badminton in America.

Durga's Arms

Kumortuli is India's potter street.

Letters: Sept 2008

After reading the article on Mumbai, through NRNR-Eyes, (August 2008) I am convinced that $7,000 to $9,000 rent for an apartment for NRIs is not

Olympian Neuroticism

The Olympics are a demonstration of the dominance of the few, of their obsessive, neurotic pastimes.

Indian Patents Double

Patent registrations in India doubled last year and have risen ten fold in the past five years.India's controller general of patents granted a 15,261 patents

Shetty's Bette Noir

Jade Goody, the notorious house guest who catapulted Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty to worldwide fame after tormenting her with racist comments in the British show

NRI Students At IIM

The enrollment of NRI students in the Indian Institutes of Management has doubled in the past year. NRI enrollment at IIM Banglaore rose fivefold from

A $500 Million Call

The Pennsylvania attorney general is suing a Baltimore telemarketing company for the biggest single violation of the state's "Do Not Call" law.The state is charging

Rat For Lunch

The Bihar government is proposing to add rat meat to the menus of its state-run canteens.  "People in different parts of the world eat lizards and

Ring Condom

A cell phone ring set to cappella music chanting "condom, condom" 50 times is being pushed in India by health experts to promote safe sex."A

iPod Murder

A 14-year-old school boy from West Bengal is charged with murdering a student over her iPod.  He is accused of pushing a 10-year-old girl off a

Essar To Invest $500m In Kenya

India's Essar Global Ltd., a $10 billion corporate giant, is investing $500 million in Kenya's newest mobile phone service operator, Econet Wireless Kenya Ltd., to

NSG Defers Indian Nuclear Deal

The U.S.-India nuclear deal was dealt a jolt in Vienna when the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the global body that governs the legal trade in nuclear

2.1 Million Child Deaths

India has the worst rate of child survival in the world, according to a UNICEF report. Nearly 2.1 million Indian children under the age of

Yoga Pause

Yoga can reduce hot flashes and night sweats among women going through menopause.Researchers at the Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana in Bangalore claim that women

Minority Majority

Current minorities will outnumber White Americans by 2042, according to Census Bureau projections. The bureau projects that by 2042, Hispanic, black, Asian & Pacific Islanders,

Obama: "Not Only Do I Think I'm A Desi, But I'm A Desi."

At a San Fransisco Fundraiser on Aug 17, Barack Obama endeared himself to his Indian and Pakistani American contributors by playfully identifying himself as a

Punjabi Top Foreign Language

The four leading foreign languages of non-native speakers in British schools are South Asian.  According to the Department for Children, Schools and Families, Punjabi is the

No Virgin

Shelley Malil, an Indian American actor who played the character "Haziz" in the movie 40-Year Old Virgin, is being held on a $10 million bail

US Visas

The number of U.S. visas issued to Indians is expected to top a million by the end of the decade.Last year, the U.S. issued 760,000

The "India Option"

In the past, India's best and brightest routinely looked to the U.S. and other Western countries for jobs following graduation. Today, however, the "brain drain" seems to be reversing: According to placement figures at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Bangalore, 75% of this year's graduating class opted for jobs in India.


I wonder what it must be like for my parents to consider setting up roots in a completely alien culture with no social network.


The troubled state of ishq, pyar, mohabbat and bhalobashi in these consumer-driven times)

Kurti And The Pretty Floral Bag

A black Hervé Chapelier tote bag complements any salwar kameez wonderfully.

Veggie Bugger

I was ridiculed in school for wearing a red dot, Madonna made "bindis" a fashion statement.

Whose Gold?

A nation bereft of a sporting culture should pause to ask itself why its athletes have always been also-rans.

Don't Look Back Now!

With two sensational political conventions over, the campaign has begun in earnest. Despite the call for a new politics and the rhetoric of change from

Remember the Immigration Issue?

The issue of immigration was not discussed at either political convention. Of course, it would be foolish for us to think this is an election

Footloose In Bilbao

Our roving reporter continues his global journey.

In Defence Of Masala Movies

Do the “Art-Wallahs” have a superiority complex, project “attitude” and believe they are God’s chosen ones to further the cause of meaningful cinema?

Kabir Bedi

“My Life has been rich, exciting, colourful, fulfilling and multi-layered.”

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