September 2009

You Lose

If you can’t look them in the eye, if you can’t lean close to them, if you can’t see the authenticity in the penury, you lose.

The Last Bioscopewallah

Mohammad Salim is so enamored with his bioscope that he sails by life oblivious to the grievances he could pick with it.

The Itch To Stitch

Tailoring businesses like Raja Fashions and Mohan’s Custom Tailors outsourced long before outsourcing was cool.

Three Queers For India’s Judiciary

A trio of recent decisions from the country’s higher courts puts a nagging question-mark on the “progressive” reputation that its judiciary has acquired with the Delhi High Court’s July judgment decriminalizing gay sex.

Sunny Side

Leadership lessons from cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar.

Getting Past the Licks

Upwardly mobile resident Indians, who once eyed their non resident competition with a mix of envy and resentment, have traded the envy for snickering contempt.

Indians Fastest Growing Illegal Group

 The number of undocumented Indians in the United States has more than doubled since 2000 to 270,000, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security,

India Happier Place

Latin America is the happiest and East African the unhappiest place on Earth.The Happy Planet Index, compiled by UK-based New Economics Foundation, ranks India 35

US Censure

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom’s 2009 report has placed India, along with Afghanistan, Cuba, Somalia, Venezuela and Turkey, among 12 countries on its

SRK Turns Back On US

Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan says he will avoid traveling to the U.S. after his humiliating ordeal at Newark’s Liberty International Airport during which he

The Price is Right

The 100-year-old house in a quiet Johannesburg suburb where Mahatma Gandhi lived as a young lawyer is attracting renewed attention as it goes on sale.The

Cremation Rising

The proportion of Americans who are cremated has grown six fold in the past three decades and nearly one-third of all bodies are cremated, according

Chicken Tikka Masala Sizzles

A Glasgow chef is seeking to patent chicken tikka masala, outraging culinary experts and Indian chefs. Ahmed Aslam Ali, owner of the Shish Mahal restaurant in

Girls Outnumber Boys In Delhi

In 2008, there were 1004 girl births for 1,000 boy births.


An all Patel district cricket team.

Barren Hope

The mysterious 45.52 carat diamond blue gem has long been associated with a curse, which is more the stuff of legend than fact.

Targeting Ganesh?

Police in Fairfax, Virginia, suspect that burglars are targeting Hindu homes in the county.

H1B Visas Go Begging

Four months after it began accepting applications for 2010 H1B visas, US Citizenship and Immigration Services had received only 49,000 applications against the annual 65,000

On The Road

Harley-Davidson, the iconic American motorcycle brand, will begin selling its motorcycles in India, the second largest motorcycle market in the world, after China. The Indian market

HCL Technologies Profits Double

Indian software services giant HCL Technologies' quarterly profits doubled during the last quarter, far outpacing its peers, Tata Consultancy Services, Wipro and Infosys. HCL reported

News Corp Elevates India Business

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is restructuring its Asian broadcast business, significantly elevating the profile of its STAR India business.The group’s Asian broadcast business is being


Remittances from migrant Indian workers grew 90% to $52 billion in 2008 even as the global economy collapsed, according to the World Bank.  India is

Kundra’s Credentials

University of Maryland officials have confirmed that Vivek Kundra, chief information officer in the Obama administration holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the university. Kundra earned

$130 Million Scam

An NRI businessman in London is charged with running a Ponzi scheme that duped over 600 people.

Parallel Admissions

A special investigating commission concluded that the University of Illinois ran a parallel “shadow admissions process” that admitted underqualified students, forcing the resignation of virtually all trustees.

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