September 2010

The Lost Indian Art Of Desire

Is Indian sexual vitality losing out to Western concepts?

Defying Gravity

We know the least about the first force we mastered.

Sex Before Viagra

Very few Indians have actually read the Kamasutra, which is boringly pedantic and — shockingly to many — did not contain pictures in the original.

Dying Melodies

There’s a clear divide in the Indian music world between film and non-film music. With their huge budget, films are growing ever bigger. The blend of pop, rap and Sufi music in Indian film songs has doomed the independent music genre.

Hymnals Of Desire

Hindu culture embraced eroticism and sex as an essential ingredient and institutionalized it in the four exalted goals of Hindu life.

Immortal Names

When I was growing up in Tennessee, names like Anderson, Baldwin or Caldwell were the norm during roll call in class. Once the teacher got somewhere to the mid-C’s, there’d be the inevitable pause; a squinting of the eyes … then they would give it a go.

Trivial Pursuits

America is reeling from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but the Right is obsessed with the faux outrage over the construction of a Muslim cultural center two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center.

Monster-Budget Project Comes Knocking

We may be about to get the answer to that pressing Bollywood question — does size matter?

Next Food Star

Sequiera gets her own show on the network, titled Aarti Party.

India’s Online Booksellers Try to Write a New Chapter

I think online retail is as challenging a deal as changing people’s breakfast habits to accept cold breakfast

Don’t Touch An Indian

The tips are designed to “enhance cultural awareness, avoid misunderstandings and boost performance in caring for visitors,” according to VisitBritain.

MIT Fraternity Prank Case Settled

Fraternity member Bhaskar Mookerji pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and environmental pollution.

US Doctor Convicted In Bomb Attack

An Indian doctor in Arkansas was convicted of a bomb attack that disfigured and partially blinded the chairman of the state medical board that had

DNA Test Links Decade-Old Rape Case

DNA evidece brings life to cold cases and delivers justice for victims.

Crazy Rush

Limbaugh issued a clarification, “I said a Hindu temple at Arizona memorial. I meant Shinto shrine. Hindus are Indian.”

Immigration Reprieve

Yves Gomes’ case has been highlighted by pro-organization groups to illustrate the unfairness of U.S. immigration policy.

Room With a Due

Eight five-star hotels in New Delhi are behind almost $120 million in rental payments to the government, according to an investigation by Tehelka magazine

Racist Rant

Mike Pompeo said the link was mistakenly posted on the Pompeo for Congress website and then tweeted.

World’s Best Countries

India ranks 78th in Newsweek magazine’s ranking of the World’s Best Countries. Finland tops the list, followed by Switzerland, Sweden and Australia. Canada ranked 7th

Mumbai Taj Reopens

Mumbai’s five star Taj Mahal Hotel, which was severely damaged in the 2008 terrorist attacks, which killed 166 people, has fully  reopened after 22 months. 

Four Squares

Inc. magazine has named four Indian Americans among the “coolest young entrepreneurs” under the age of 30: Sachin Agarwal, 30, co-founder of San Francisco’s email

World’s 2nd biggest Spammer

India accounts for nearly 1 in 8 spams worldwide, making it the world’s second biggest spammer, behind the U.S., which accounts for almost a  quarter

Soros Buys Into Bombay Stock Exchange

Billionaire George Soros’ Quantum hedge fund has purchased a 4 percent stake in the Bombay Stock Exchange for $32 million. The deal values Asia’s oldest exchange,

India Blocks Vedanta Mining Project

Citing human rights and environmental violations, India’s environment ministry has barred Vedanta Resources, led by Indian billionaire Anil Agarwal, from mining bauxite for its alumina

Srinivasan Leaving Yahoo!

Yahoo’s editor-in chief Srinija Srinivasan is leaving the company she helped found to focus on jazz. Srinivasan, 38, who joined Yahoo in 1995 as its fifth

CBS Ambani Network

Both companies will have a 50 percent stake in the network.

Make My Trip Soars

The company raised nearly $70 million from the IPO

Visa Fee Hikes

A new law raises the fees for H1B and L1 visas by almost $2,000 for companies over half of whose employees use work visas.

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