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American Techies Unemployable

HCL Technologies’ CEO Vineet Nayar has created a stir by asserting that American tech graduates are “unemployable.”InformationWeek reported that in response to criticism that HCL

US Eases Technology Transfer

The agency expects to issue 100 million ID cards over the next three years.

Coming to a Dealer Near You

Detroit auto dealers, shifting to Indian auto manufacturer

Jatropha Biofuel

The leafy jatropha tree is emerging as a leading source of biofuel.

Housing Rebound

Property prices more than doubled during India’s Real Estate boom between 2005 to 2008

Satyam, Re-branded As Mahindra Satyam

Satyam, the disgraced Indian outsourcing giant, has re-branded itself as Mahindra Satyam following its acquisition by Tech Mahindra. New CEO C.P. Gurnani said: “Mahindra Satyam

India Triples U.S. Debt Holdings

India has tripled it holding of U.S. treasuries during the past year and is now the 15th largest foreign holder of U.S. debt. Data from

Indian IT Industry Hits The Reset Button

This crisis is different, and ‘mother of all crises’ is not even beginning to describe it.

Affirmative Action For Whites

The new policy reduces the guaranteed placements based on SAT scores and grade point averages

Fly Bye

India’s airlines are rapidly dumping foreign pilots

Obama’s Corporate Tax Plans Hit Indian Nerve

Indian media have denounced Obama “anti-India” stance.

Indians World’s Greenest

Few Indians have hot running water and even fewer have air-conditioned homes — and that’s a good thing. A worldwide survey of environmentally sustainable behavior

96% Pay Cut Anybody?

Industry groups denounce the cynical offer.

Promoter Of DLF Sells Shares

Pomoter of India’s largest real estate company DLF, has sold $800 million of his shares

Indian Economy

India’s central bank cut interest rates by a quarter point to 3.25 and lowered the country’s growth forecast for next year to 6 percent  from

Hero Drops Dailmer Venture

Hero Group drops joint truck-building venture with German automaker Daimler AG

Restaurant Owner Convicted

The owner of an Indian restaurant in Topeka, Kan., faces 10 years in jail after being convicted of abusing illegal workers from India. Amarpreet Singh was

H1-B: Hot No More

20,000 H-1B visas remain unclaimed this year.

Indian Accent Doesn’t Fly

Delta Air Lines, J P Morgan drop use of Indian call centers.

End Of The Outsourcing Party?

The global recession is taking a toll on the outsourcing sector.

In Good Company?

Indian American companies are scrambling to cope with the deepest recession in a half century.

Made For India

Foreign brands adapt to Indian tastes and preferences.

Indian Companies Lead H1B Visas

Contrary to the popular bashing on Capitol Hill that Indian companies use a majority of the H1B visas, an analysis by the National Foundation for

World’s Largest Importers 2008

World’s Largest Importers 2008 1 United States $2.17 trillion. 2 Germany $1.21 trillion. 3 China, $1.13 trillion. 4 Japan $762 billion. 5 France $708 billion. 6 Britain $632 billion. 7 Netherlands $574 billion. 8 Italy $556 billion. 9 Belgium $470 billion. 10 South Korea $435 billion. 11 Canada $418

H-1B Visa Slow Down

This agency says it will extend the date if the number of applications do not exceed the annual quota of 65,000.

$2 Billion in US Arms for India

The aircrafts will be delivered to the Indian navy over the next 7 years.

Ajit Jain’s Golden Touch

Jain, a former McKinsey executive, and a graduate of IIT Kharagpur and Harvard University, has been tipped as Buffet’s possible successor at Berkshire Hataway.

Pandit’s $37 Million Signing Bonus

Pandit pledged that he would work for $1 a year until his bank returns to profitability.

India’s CEOs

IIM Ahmedabad produced the most CEOs, followed by IIM Calcutta.

$350 Million Outsourcing Contract

Reader’s Digest is moving its IT operations spanning 45 countries to India.

The Shopper Of Tomorrow Trading Down

"The level of depression is pervasive. This is a very dark period. Hope it provokes some serious introspection."

No Indian Stimulus

India's fiscal stimulus package

Medicare Fraud

Couple submitted false Medicare claims in 2005 -2006

Fannie Mae Logic Bomb

Unix engineer indicted on charges of computer sabotage for planting the malicious code after he was fired from his job.

Chicago-area Doctors Charged With Fraud

Doctor secured private healthcare information on scores of patients and submitted fraudulent claims.

Banks Hit Over Foreign Hires

The largest banks that received taxpayer loans announced more than 100,000 layoffs.

IBM Offers To Move Laid Off Workers To India

IBM is pitching “Project Match” to those who are willing to work on local terms and conditions.

Stricter U.S. Visa Rules

H-1B visa reform legislation is tightening the screws on outsourcing companies.

Scandal at Satyam: Truth, Lies and Corporate Governance

The Satyam debacle will have an enormous impact on India’s business scene over the coming months.

A Sweet Exchange

Reflections on the Rupee - and candy.

Don't Duck Now

When the going gets tough, the tough don't skimp on their ad budgets

India's $4 Billion Stimulus

As President Elect Barack Obama weighs a $800 billion stimulus package, investors in India are cheering a $4 billion stimulus package by the Indian government directed at infrastructure projects and tax cuts.

India Plants Flag On Moon

"The tricolor has landed," proclaimed the Hindustan Times as a box shaped probe painted in India's saffron, white and green flag crash landed on the

India's FDI Up

Foreign direct investment to India ballooned to $2.56 billion in September, up almost 260 percent over the same month last year.While Indian equities are taking

Medical Tourism

In a bid to reduce costs, the Health insurer WellPoint Inc. is setting up a pilot program to send patients to India for surgeries.  An estimated

Be Your Own Financial Planner

Set/Revisit your GoalsTry to set SMART goals. These are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Trackable. For example, you may want to create

Do Celebrity Endorsements Work?

Advertisers are pouring millions into celebrity endorsements. How much bang are they getting for their bucks?

Fired For An Hour

Jet Airways has hastily rescinded its orders laying off 1,900 probationary crew members to reduce costs. After angry fired employees marched through the airport terminal

Pakistan Taps Expats To Avoid Bankruptcy

Pakistan, seeking to stave off bankruptcy, is pleading for help from its expatriate community. The government, which has also turned to the International Monetary Fund,

93% Of Indian Bank Deposits Fully Safe

Even though India's Deposit and Insurance and Credit Guarantee scheme only protects just Rs 1 lakh ($2,000) in each account (compared to $250,000 that the

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