The New Socialists

No hammer and sickle flags may flutter on poles and no busts of Marx and Lenin may be erected in our public squares, but we are rapidly embracing the Marxist ideals of social equality

Slime Fest

The Pravasi Bharatiya Divas celebrating overseas Indians worldwide has become a boondoggle and a self-aggrandizing jamboree for the politically connected.

Turning the Other Cheek

Our Mumbai columnist ponders on the wages of inaction against yet another terrorist attack on India's most vibrant city.

Love Job Hunting?

Anu Sharma, a medicinal chemist in career transition, looks for the rainbow in the job search.

Mutts R Us!

The mutt honcho of the land does not want mutts in the White House. What kind of example does he set for others? Did we not elect him as a mutt?

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

I don't know about you, but I am quite ready for those gifts.

The Indian Thing To Do

Finally, the little Indian girl inside me was free to live her life in her own way, not that of her parents or her husband.

After The Music Stops

Barack Obama’s first task must be to open up the secret files of the Bush administration, so that no future president ever dare engage in such heinous atrocities again.

Reinventing For Bad Times

Unbridled capitalism, championed by Wall Street and the Republican Party, has collapsedas decisively as the autocratic socialist Soviet State did 17 years earlier.

Welcome To My World

The bright side of outsourcing.

A Latte To Think About

To my mind, the one big casualty of the credit card era is the word “afford.”


I wonder what it must be like for my parents to consider setting up roots in a completely alien culture with no social network.


The troubled state of ishq, pyar, mohabbat and bhalobashi in these consumer-driven times)

Kurti And The Pretty Floral Bag

A black Hervé Chapelier tote bag complements any salwar kameez wonderfully.

Veggie Bugger

I was ridiculed in school for wearing a red dot, Madonna made "bindis" a fashion statement.

Notes on ABCD

We waver in limbo, looking for anything or anyone - Kal Penn, Padma Laxmi, Freddie Mercury, Apu - who can give us a clue to who we are.

India's Trust Vote. Midsummer's Dark Day

A dented Manmohan Singh government survives.

Prisoners Of Race

I encounter bigotry and prejudice all too frequently among my Indian American family members.

Passages Of Life, Place And Time

We took risks, we did crazy things; we pretty much did what we liked.

Auto Class Struggle

Car accidents are a metaphor for our life in society.

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

When I see the way Naina looks at me i am reminded of the way i still look at my mother.

The Immigration Solution

By 2025, possibly even earlier, foreign born Americans will account for 15 percent of the population.

What's In A Name?

Bobby and Kal are no Barack.

Pawns and Queens

Liberate our seniors - to work!

American Theater

Callousness is the hallmark of Bush's foreign policy and incompetence an abiding principle.

A Very Good Year

I’m in the autumn of the year ... It was a mess of good years.

Fishing for the Real Jindal

Charitably, we hope that Jindal is a dishonest politician -- that his extreme right wing positions are only cynical political ploys.

Turn of the Turds

Scholars have a professional obligation to engage dissenters, just as their critics are obligated to unequivocally deplore threats against those with whom they disagree.

Have No Faith

A new book on Mother Teresa, the global icon of faith and service to God, reveals that she was privately tormented for decades, perhaps until


 Imagine. You are giving up your overseas residence and pass along your cell phone’s SIM card with some unused minutes to a friend, possibly a

Dual Citizenship Striptease

Even green card holders in the US enjoy more rights and privileges than holders of Overseas Indian Citizen cards do in India.

Immigration Deform

Since 2000, India has been the second largest source of immigrants to the United States, after only Mexico. You would not know that from the

A Glance Away

Within hours of the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech University, long before Cho Seung-Hui's identity became known, word was out on the street, blogs and

Ungentlemanly Conduct

The pain, disappointment and anger that fans in the sub-continent feel in the aftermath of the disastrous performance of their teams is understandable. The violent reaction is not.

Not Making History

The baton is preparing to pass to a new generation of Indian Americans born in the USA.

Kashmir On The Brink

Splitting Kashmir along the current Line of Control is the only real option.

How Asian Are You?

The concept of an Asian American identity is entirely artificial.

Hear This! The Silence Of Sounds.

We have deadened our sense of hearing and created walls of sound to overcome the fright of singularity that we had never known in the land of our birth.

Embarrassing Farce

Fix the Pravasi Bharatiya Samaans, or get rid of them.

Heading for the Bush

It's time Americans rise up to reclaim their freedoms and courage from the hands of a president whose instinctive reaction in a crisis was to race for the bush.

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