Mango Memories

I like to eat my mangoes the way monkeys eat them.

Liberal Liars

The lying president has finally fessed up.

The False Choice

Americans may be ready to lighten their burden by casting off the iron heel of the police state the Bush regime has rested upon a once proudly free people.

Voice of the Voiceless

Edward Said taught us to speak truth to power.

Top 10 Reasons Why We Are Unmarried

Dear Parents, We know that our unmarried status generates its own trauma even beyond our respective communities. Accordingly, we feel compelled to tell you right

Reality President

Bush's adventures in simple syntactical structures and challenges to logical thinking.

Long Awaited New Year's Gift

Dual citizenship for overseas Indians has finally arrived.  As we went to press at the close of this year came the heartening news that the

The Asian Century

It is left to India and China, who have in the past, frittered away their most creative energies in wars and conflicts to rise above

Outsourcing Angst

Outsourcing to India is the stuff of political football this presidential election cycle.

Naked In The Bush

The sheer incompetence of the Bush administration in the war on terror now stands exposed. It's time for Americans to elect a new chief.  The

What A Stunner!

The elections results in India threw everyone for a loop.

Defying the Imagination

The 9/11 commission report establishes the extraordinary incompetence and ineptitude of the Bush administration.

The Nowhere Man

The struggle for the overseas Indian identity.

Citizenship Striptease

Union Minister of State for Non Resident Indian Affairs Jagdish Tytler announced in early August that dual citizenship registration would begin this September. If that is

Bury Bush In A Landslide

Pres. George W. Bush's political handlers have apparently struck upon an agenda for his next term. It is difficult not to snicker. It is patently

How Osama Won the War on Terror

Bush is implicitly conceding victory to Al Qaeda by constantly invoking the fear of terrorists in his presidential campaign.

Fool's Gold

The promise of dual citizenship was nothing short of calculated political deception by the Indian government.  Overseas Indians who have been anxiously awaiting the introduction of

Green Card Blues

What's that space between a green card and citizenship?

Swan Song

The collapse of the Soviet Union and the war in Iraq, which the conservative establishment projected as harbingers of the new American century, may ironically

Multiplicity of Identities

Seek not, and ye shall find

My Tsunami Journey

We are all casualties of disasters that unfold on television.

Honey, I Just Called to Say I Love You

Long distance relationships are not for the faint-hearted.

Nice Concept, Lousy Taste

The encounter with America has transformed us, whether we want it, or like it, or know it.

Left Out Hypocrisy

If they weren't so hypocritical, left-wing Indian immigrant groups would have been out protesting the U.S. government's action instead of abetting it in railroading Narendra

Money And Politics

The Indian American community is stolidly Democratic, an exit poll finds, debunking developing conventional wisdom in Republican circles.   The media, both Indian and mainstream, lapped

Keep On Thumping

The resounding thumping the Republican Party received in the recent elections comes as a welcome relief to a long nightmare and renews confidence in the

The Intimate Stranger

For the first time, the vast majority of Indian Americans were either born in the United States or have lived here for 20 years or

Why I Won't Salute Steve Irwin

He was an Australian, but his popularity was admittedly universal. His Crocodile Hunter series of animal documentaries attracted a regular combined viewership of more than

The Right Stuff

For some time now, Indian Americanss have enjoyed an enviable reputation as a community of physicians, techies and, lately, spelling bee wiz kids. We have

We're All Terrorists Now

In this day and age, we are now all terror suspects, all the time, everywhere. Get used to walking with your hands up in the

Two Of A Kind

Columnist Shekhar Hattangadi finds an uncanny commonality in the recent outbursts of an Australian ex-cricketer and an Indian politician.

Fatal Incompetence

Real Americans are paying with their lives, and all of us are paying from our wallets, while Pres. Bush and his production team are busy tinkering with the lights for his next disaster scene photo shoots

Free Debate In An Age Of Fear

Two thirds of Americans now disapprove of the war in Iraq and a solid majority believe that President Bush is neither honest nor trustworthy, according

Hop Step And Educate

A recent report discloses that the number of people with undergraduate and doctoral degrees rose fivefold in China during the last decade. The New York

Say A Prayer For Parvati

I do not know Parvati, but she died today. Nobody told me that she did; no one really was told. But I know. Maybe it

How Authentic An Indian Are You

Welcome to the brave new world of White Indians, Black Indians, Hispanic Indians, and Asian Indians. More than 220,000 Indian Americans - nearly one in nine

NRI - Non Respected Indian

There is still the totem pole of respect and we NRIs have not reached any higher since the time we left India - only our price of admission went up.

The Greatest Immigrant Generation

The Indian population in the United States topped 2.5 million this month and is on track to nudge 3 million by the end of the

Unwelcome In America

 The recent public furor over the denial of visas to three prominent Indian scientists by the U.S. Consulate in Chennai has cast some welcome light

Worst President In History?

Bush's most dangerous legacy is the erosion of America's vaunted traditions of civil rights and liberties.

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