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Voting Rights For NRIs

The government has proposed a bill in Parliament to amend Section 20 of the 1950 Representation of People’s Act.

Haley’s Comet

As more and more Indian Americans storm the citadels of political power behind Jindal and Haley, overcoming public prejudices against non Judaea Christian office seekers will be their next great challenge — and, hopefully, accomplishment.

A Pen-ny For Gandhi’s Thoughts

Montblanc’s marketing honchos have transported the Mahatma to a new level of corporate iconography

Wages Of Arrogance

The NRI wonder-boy with the golden touch ultimately fell victim to the most basic of human weaknesses.

Et Tu Tharoor?

Shashi Tharoor’s enduring legacy may well be scaling up the corruption standards of the “cattle class” to the Goldman Sachs stratosphere.

The “New Man”

A ‘new improved’ package of the same ghisa-pita product is what we’re talking about.”

Illegally Coerced Surrender

There is no justification for the onerous fees, nor the retroactive application of the rules to surrender the Indian passport.

Say My Name

Part of me felt like a traitor. I felt like I was abandoning my Indian heritage. Like I was telling the world I was white. Or at least Latin.

Bipartisan Combat

It is time the Democrats abandoned the hand-to-hand combat of bipartisanship with the Republicans.

Why Should It Be Easy For Them?

Dr Vandana Shiva, ecofeminist activist and head of Navdanya, says traditional knowledge should be in the public domain, not a government monopolized library.

The Padma Obsession

Is it time to do away with the controversial awards?

Corporate Thieves

The next time you hear music or movie studios whine about the hazards of pirated downloads by struggling college students, give them a lesson on the theft of medicinal products and seeds from Asia, Africa and Latin America by their corporate buddies, will you?

Perpetual Outsider

I have made peace with them — foreign-returned guests.

Fair and Ugly

Your skin tone could affect your income, your marriage and your prison sentence should you run afoul of the law. And that’s just the half of it.

Dark Shadows

We may still covet the “dark, tall and handsome” man, but “pretty, fair ladies” are all the rage for our liaisons, permanent or otherwise.

The Real Idiot

The makers of 3 Idiots square off against the author Chetan Bhagat whose book Five Point Someone inspired the movie.

Revenge of the Loonies

Our disappointment stems from the opportunities, unforeseen in early 2008, he has frittered away for major social and economic transformations of the country.

The Salahi Way

As we catalog the decade of the noughties, ring up a new contribution to our vocabulary.

The Day the Universe Changed

When one’s view of the universe changes, the universe itself effectively changes.

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