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Diplomatic Inhumanity

The humiliating pat-down of India's Ambassador Meera Shankar might sensitize Indian diplomats to the indignity and pain experienced by thousands of its citizens seeking consular services every year at the hands of inept, indifferent and callous Indian consular officers.

From Mumbai, NY

After coming to New York from Mumbai a year ago, I realized that I have lived here forever.

Political Frontier

The 2010 elections were a watershed moment for the Indian American community.

No Is A Good Word

Raising children in a world of boundaries and personal space.

Shame Of A Nation

Unlike China, which showcased its economic and organizational prowess on the global stage by pulling off a spectacular Olympics, India was internationally humiliated by the ineptness and chaos that engulfed the Commonwealth Games.

In And Out Of Sync

You can be alone in a crowd, whether at a party, a family or public gathering.

Teed Off!

Magic markers and cardboard signs have a shot against spreadsheets and slick powerpoint presentations again.

Letting Go Of Superkids

Ease up on your child, will you?

Immortal Names

When I was growing up in Tennessee, names like Anderson, Baldwin or Caldwell were the norm during roll call in class. Once the teacher got somewhere to the mid-C’s, there’d be the inevitable pause; a squinting of the eyes … then they would give it a go.

Trivial Pursuits

America is reeling from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, but the Right is obsessed with the faux outrage over the construction of a Muslim cultural center two blocks from the site of the World Trade Center.

Red White And Desi

It was a funny thing being an Indian American in Paris. In America, I always considered myself Indian.

Voting Rights For NRIs

The government has proposed a bill in Parliament to amend Section 20 of the 1950 Representation of People’s Act.

Haley’s Comet

As more and more Indian Americans storm the citadels of political power behind Jindal and Haley, overcoming public prejudices against non Judaea Christian office seekers will be their next great challenge — and, hopefully, accomplishment.

A Pen-ny For Gandhi’s Thoughts

Montblanc’s marketing honchos have transported the Mahatma to a new level of corporate iconography

Wages Of Arrogance

The NRI wonder-boy with the golden touch ultimately fell victim to the most basic of human weaknesses.

Et Tu Tharoor?

Shashi Tharoor’s enduring legacy may well be scaling up the corruption standards of the “cattle class” to the Goldman Sachs stratosphere.

The “New Man”

A ‘new improved’ package of the same ghisa-pita product is what we’re talking about.”

Illegally Coerced Surrender

There is no justification for the onerous fees, nor the retroactive application of the rules to surrender the Indian passport.

Say My Name

Part of me felt like a traitor. I felt like I was abandoning my Indian heritage. Like I was telling the world I was white. Or at least Latin.

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