His Magic Touch

Shujaat Khan on on his music, his turbulent relationship with his father, and that which is greater than music.  He can trace his lineage all

Beyond Skin

The whole world is Nitin Sawhney's palette.

Tower Of Babel

One in 5 Americans speaks a language other than English at home. Three Indian languages rank among the top 20 foreign languages.   America is surely

Interview with Vijay Lakshmi

Tell us what the main difficulties in straddling two cultures are. Do you find this to be inherently harder for men or for women? Straddling even

Emotionally Branding Films and Cricket

Everything I know about emotional branding, I learnt from cricket.

Whistling In The Dark

South Asian comics are ready to conquer the world, Bush permitting.

Half And Half

Just how authentic an American are you?

Banal Dreams

Bombay Dreams is a hodge-podge of clichéd, uninspiring lines meshed together to punctuate one dance number from the next.

Past Dream Time

It's Showtime For Bombay Dreams.

Brownie Points

Arrival of the Indian Chic.

Bharatnatyam in Jeans

The traditional and the modern can coexist in the psyche of one person.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Indians are beginning to crop up in next generation designs.

Bush's Black Eye

The U.S. Supreme Court smacks down the autocratic president.

Seeing Red, Showing Pink

This one is personal for director Ian Iqbal Rashid.

Muhabbat Ki Zuban

Jagjit Singh on the struggles, his music and what has made his style of ghazal gayaki so popular through the generations.

Ai Mere Pyare Watan

At 84, Manna Dey is fit as a fiddle.

Another Peek

Mira Nair takes a fresh look at Thackeray's Vanity Fair.

Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin

Anuradha Paudwal on her music and the shadows cast by Lata Mangeskhar in her life.

Bharati's Visible Ghosts

What's their in science to tell me that spirits don't exist, asks Bharati Mukherjee.

Imagining America

How is the story of America told? Through brick and mortar, through glass and steel, through the architectural footprints each successive generation leaves across the

Ravi Shankar Unplugged

Sukanya and Ravi Shankar on their music, life and love.

An Idea Named Mallika

Mallika Sarabhai is turning into the feminist rabble rouser she often portrays

Lights And Shadows

Ustad Imrat Khan sheds light on the Ravi-Shankar-Vilayat Khan rivalry and the family feud after his brother's death.   He comes from a lineage traced to Mia

Thinking Outside The Pani Puri

Brash young desi entrepreneurs flavor the American dining scene.

Praying With The Flute

His musical journey had the most unlikely beginnings and yet today he is the greatest living flute player in the world. He bemoans that while

Life’s A Rap For Jazzy B

Getting personal with the crown prince of Bhangra.

Life Is A Lark

These ivy leaguers substitute fun for work and have a whale of a time.

What's Left to Say About Modi

The revocation of Narendra Modi's visa is one small baby step toward accountability for his culpability in the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat.

Bollywood Bhakts

If Bollywood were an organized religion, the Bollywood Bhakts would make it the most revered church in history with their total, undying devotion.

Man And Myth

One would have to be a fly on the wall to penetrate the person behind the persona.

Tributes to Mom

Indian celebrities on the influence of mothers in their lives.

It's A Party

The desi party scene is part rebellious statement by young South Asians proclaiming their own thing.

Meet the New Celebrity: Indian Art

Young collectors, big bucks and emerging diasporic artists.

Kal's Tomorrow

Taj is coming to a theater near you! All those who saw the 2002 cult hit National Lampoon's Van Wilder will remember the desi character

The Fusion Of Flamenco Natyam

Flamenco returns to its Indian roots.

Passion In The Moonlight

They live for the weekends.

Tabla Girl

Tina Sugandh is on a roll. Could 2005 be her year?

Dan Nainan, Half Indian, Half Japanese, Fully Funny

1. Your father is Indian and your mother is Japanese. How do you see yourself? A: Being born here I identify most with being American.

Beyond The Pale

Anglo Indians are perhaps the first and largest experiment in East-West genetics.

If You's Brown

Get Down! Get down! Get down!

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