Foreign Restaurant Chains Go Local

It is also necessary to develop trust. The name and the aura of an American brand are necessary to get the first customers in. But after that, they could well call themselves Jumpin Coconuts, for all the customer cares.

Restaurant Sites Target Scale

“Indians are a lazy bunch,” laughs Goyal. “So we wanted to create something very close to their physical world. While has menus in [a] standardized format, we scanned the actual menu cards and then put them up.”

Feasting All Night Long

Come dusk and the winding lanes of the Jama Masjid area come alive with the sights and sounds — and smells — of celebrations. Of chicken tikkas sizzling, mutton kebabs roasting over blazing fires, giant woks of puris and massive cauldrons of curries, biryanis, steaming milk, etc.

Globalizing the Indian Diet

The 21st century Indian professional is a global citizen. Well read, well travelled and yes, well fed! She knows her blue cheese from a feta, pita bread from a naan, dim sum from a momo. These up-worldly mobile Indians do not shy away from asking for New World Wines with specific harvesting years nor are they insensitive to subtle flavors like truffle oil, asparagus foam or recognizing the robust overtones of a genuine Thai bird eye chilli and galangal.

Branding a Homemade Indian Staple

Global Yogurt Franchises Attempt to Brand a Homemade Indian Staple

Egg’s Exotic Avatars

I even inscribe names in personalized embedded omelettes, an ornamental variety of omelette. I am trying to revive classic western egg recipes in India like the One-Eyed Susan — toast with a hole in the middle and a whole egg thrown in the middle. Egg is in my blood

Nutty Delights

Nuts contain carbohydrates, vitamins and a wide range of minerals. They are rich in high quality proteins, making them a good vegetarian substitute for meat.

Serving it Hot

Will food channels whet the appetites of Indian television viewers?

Indian Restaurant Chains Have Overseas Expansion on Their Menus

Indian Restaurant Chains Have Overseas Expansion On Their Menus

Divine Food

The foods promote bodily health as they contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to maintain the body in optimum health.

Royal Spread

Recipes with the Maharaja touch.

Culinary Nostalgia

The powerful place food occupies in our cultural imagination.

Food Carnival

This month we celebrate the exotic flavors of the varied regions of India.

Healthy Protein Foods

These recipes are rich in proteins, so indulge yourself.

Delectable Thali Spread

Feast on these traditional Indian meals.

Foods Of Janmashtami

The savories to share with Shri Krishna this festival season.

Cool Treats

Cooking Without Fire

Only Kebabs!

With the arrival of summer, are you ready to haul out those outdoor grills for your favorite Indian barbecue?

What Does A Monkey Know About The Taste Of Ginger?

Nothing. But Indians sure know a lot!

The Onion Sutra

Warning: Do not separate an Indian from his onions!

A Touch of Spice

Are chili peppers taking over the world?

The Foopath Gourmet

It's chaat time!

Retouch Of Curry

Indian immigrants rediscover the lost language of food.

Hot And Cold

The hottest new thing on Indian grocery shelves is frozen

Eat, Drink And Be Svelte

Anjum Anand offers secrets for light, healthy Indian food.

The Magic Broth

It is the food of coolies and Gods, immigrants and nawabs...

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