A World Of Worlds

Fractal patterns have no beginning and end. The whole exists in parts and a part exists in the whole. The universe is in you and you are in the universe.

World Of Illusion

Under one cosmic theory, we reside on a gigantic hologram.

The Mystery Of The Ghost Particles

The most abundant fundamental particles are paradoxically the most elusive.

Nalanda The World’s First University

Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen reflects on Nalanda University’s contribution to propagating knowledge and understanding in ancient India.

Freedom To Die

A writ petition against the Jain practice of fasting-unto-death could finally force the Indian judiciary’s hand on the legality of religious suicides.

The Genesis Of Genesis

The Big Bang is bound to happen again and again creating new universes and recycling old ones.

Other Worlds

Our ceaseless search for other worlds centers on exoplanets, some of which might be tuned for life similar to our own.

Gods Of Creation

We may be the creators we have been searching for.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

What we observe may just be the tip of an iceberg.

Foreign Faculty For IITs

An estimated one-third of teaching positions at IIT are vacant.

Defying Gravity

We know the least about the first force we mastered.

I Heard The Crows Call For Rain

As scientific tools falter in predicting rain patterns, Indian scientists turn to the Vedas and traditional knowledge for some fine tuning.

Chhetri Brings Rock-star Status To Wizards

The reaction in India to Chhetri’s move to the U.S. has been like what happened in Japan nine years ago when Ichiro Suzuki switched to Major League Baseball

Royal Spread

Recipes with the Maharaja touch.

Healthy Profits

The healthcare bill has Indian outsourcers salivating.

Healing With Desi Food

Health benefits of common herbs and spices in the Indian kitchen.

Culinary Nostalgia

The powerful place food occupies in our cultural imagination.

Dark Energy

We know almost nothing about 95 percent of our universe.

Biopiracy Killer App?

India’s Traditional Knowledge Digital Library believes it has found the silver bullet in the biopiracy wars. Critics say it is aiming at the wrong targets.

Why Should It Be Easy For Them?

Dr Vandana Shiva, ecofeminist activist and head of Navdanya, says traditional knowledge should be in the public domain, not a government monopolized library.

We Have Solved The Problem Of Biopiracy 100 Percent

Dr V. K. Gupta, Director of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library, explains why the Indian approach to biopiracy has been so effective.

A Light on Dark Matter

What we see comprises just 10 percent of our universe. We know nothing of the remaining 90 percent, except that it exercises gravitational pull on observable objects.

Desperately Seeking Desi

One ABCD tries to understand what it really means to be Indian.

Prescriptions For Healthy Living

Say It With Vegetables

The Illusiveness Of Time

Is time real, a fundamental quality of the universe, or just an illusion?

What We See, Isn't

Don't trust what you see in the heavens.

The Secret Life of the American Desi

The ABCD's - American Born Confused Desis - is a subculture expected to become the next batch of medical students, entrepreneurs and cancer-curing researchers for which Indian parents laid the foundation

The Spooky World of Quantum Entanglement

The phenomenon that spooked Albert Einstein.

What's The Matter With Antimatter?

Can you imagine antiworlds and antipeople out there?

Red Diapers in the Land of Red Chillies

Why America’s political thinkers and their ideas don’t travel very well.

Cosmic Parallels

Radical, new cosmological theories of multiverses, oscillating universe and the Big Bang have eerie parallels in Vedic cosmology.

The Itch To Stitch

Tailoring businesses like Raja Fashions and Mohan’s Custom Tailors outsourced long before outsourcing was cool.

Gay Ho!

Indian gays celebrate legal win, strive for social acceptance.

The Final Inch

Akash Shukla had his legs sawed in two to gain 2.5 inches.

A to Z Guide To Natural Beauty

Everything you need to know about natural beauty products.

Sabeer Bhatia Reboots

Rather than creating new products that would require companies to change or alter their way of operating, all these companies do the same thing at much lower costs.

Inner-City Yoga

Shake hard and harder…. Thrust and move.… Stick it in now. Com’on faster and faster….

Hello, My Name Is

When your child has an Indian mother and a French papa, the subject of a suitable name is a cultural and linguistic minefield.

This PC Is Made For Walking

Notebook computers are taking off in India.

Retirement: An Iconic Struggle

I watched with young and startled eyes as my grandfather stormed into my house, gave my quiet father a mouthful and stormed away. It was the first time I witnessed a big deal being made about retirement.

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