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A Light on Dark Matter

What we see comprises just 10 percent of our universe. We know nothing of the remaining 90 percent, except that it exercises gravitational pull on observable objects.

Desperately Seeking Desi

One ABCD tries to understand what it really means to be Indian.

Prescriptions For Healthy Living

Say It With Vegetables

The Illusiveness Of Time

Is time real, a fundamental quality of the universe, or just an illusion?

What We See, Isn't

Don't trust what you see in the heavens.

The Secret Life of the American Desi

The ABCD's - American Born Confused Desis - is a subculture expected to become the next batch of medical students, entrepreneurs and cancer-curing researchers for which Indian parents laid the foundation

The Spooky World of Quantum Entanglement

The phenomenon that spooked Albert Einstein.

What's The Matter With Antimatter?

Can you imagine antiworlds and antipeople out there?

Red Diapers in the Land of Red Chillies

Why America’s political thinkers and their ideas don’t travel very well.

Cosmic Parallels

Radical, new cosmological theories of multiverses, oscillating universe and the Big Bang have eerie parallels in Vedic cosmology.

The Itch To Stitch

Tailoring businesses like Raja Fashions and Mohan’s Custom Tailors outsourced long before outsourcing was cool.

Gay Ho!

Indian gays celebrate legal win, strive for social acceptance.

The Final Inch

Akash Shukla had his legs sawed in two to gain 2.5 inches.

A to Z Guide To Natural Beauty

Everything you need to know about natural beauty products.

Sabeer Bhatia Reboots

Rather than creating new products that would require companies to change or alter their way of operating, all these companies do the same thing at much lower costs.

Inner-City Yoga

Shake hard and harder…. Thrust and move.… Stick it in now. Com’on faster and faster….

Hello, My Name Is

When your child has an Indian mother and a French papa, the subject of a suitable name is a cultural and linguistic minefield.

This PC Is Made For Walking

Notebook computers are taking off in India.

Retirement: An Iconic Struggle

I watched with young and startled eyes as my grandfather stormed into my house, gave my quiet father a mouthful and stormed away. It was the first time I witnessed a big deal being made about retirement.

India's Software Industry Reboots

The software product segment constitutes under 3 percent of India's $52 billion IT sector. But that may be about to change.

The Enigma Of Brevity

Everything in life is marked or characterized by brevity. Childhood passes, youth is short-lived. Joys don't last; sorrows too fade away.

Durga's Arms

Kumortuli is India's potter street.

Point, Click And Learn

Indian Online Tutoring Companies Find Their Global Markets

The Rediscovery Of The Kamasutra

Kamasutra is not a book on positions in sexual intercourse. It is a book about the art of living -- about finding a partner, maintaining power in marriage, committing adultery, living as or with a courtesan, using drugs -- and also about the positions in sexual intercourse.

Is There A Doctor On The Race Course

When a healthcare temp agency contacted me saying they were looking for a doctor for a horse race my interest was aroused.

Luxury Retirement Homes

India’s seniors finding themselves in the uncharted territory

I’m Here, Mom

I understand the game we’re playing. It’s how we keep from talking about the present, trading stories about when I was 10 years old and she was still whole.

Wanna Be A Blogging Star?

Indians carve out a space in the new media frontier.

Scrabulous And The New Social Operating System

How Facebook Gave Birth To An Industry.

Raising Your Multilingual Child

Every child is unique, but research shows that a language cannot be learnt unless it is spoken atleast 30% of the child’s waking time.

The Return

No self-respecting American would do that. Thank goodness!

An Indian Christmas In America

A celebration in many languages, many cuisines, many traditions ...

The Top Indian Doctors In America

These physicians are best of the best in the profession.

Tribal Instincts

Tom Cruise's faith discovers an Indian audience

A Step Out Of Orbit

He sounded almost gleeful as he announced “Mrs. Ramaswamy, what you have is Parkinson’s.”

Deciphering Brand Spirituality

A copywriter harnasses the forces of spirituality in her craft.

Can That Damn Accent!

An accent is a part of a person's charm

Parsing The Sacred

An award-winning book on Ganesa by an Emory University professor has factual inaccuracies in its claims on the Puranas, the ancient Hindu texts.

Arranged Marriage College

It's back to school time kids! Many high school students and their parents are probably gearing up for the college admissions marathon. As the now-discredited

Elevating the Sacred

The university is not an ashram; it is a location of critical and appreciative study of many religions: their texts, histories, practices, art, and politics.

Homosexuality And The Indian

India has a tradition of benign neglect of alternate sexualities.

Exporting Hindi

This Made in India product is finding its way into many countries.

Invading The Sacred

Questioning the accuracy and objectivity of research on Hinduism at U.S. universities.

Om To the Leadership

Indian business executives who integrate spirituality into their leadership practices.

Searching For Answers

Asra Nomani, a colleague of Daniel Pearl, talks about a changed new world

Is Sunita Williams Really An Indian Idol?

Are we so bereft of heroes that we have to import them at the cost of our self-esteem?

Marriage: Is love necessary?

How does the institution of arranged marriage, the culturally preferred way of Indians to establish the couple, square with the powerful dream of love?

Hair He Goes

A tribute to Sanjaya Malakar.

When the Music Stopped

In the end, not even a combination of bhangra, rap and Bollywood could save MTV Desi. After its parent corporation, Viacom, axed Desi and other

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