Wearing Art

New Metaphors for Indian Fashion

Global Luxury Brands Woo Indian Fashionistas

The density of business in Emporio is in its nascent stages and another factor is the comparatively high costs of rentals.”

Borderless Festivities

Online and social media help NRIs hold on to tradition.

Pati Patni Aur Woh

Perhaps more than any other film-maker, Yash Raj Chopra (Dhool Ka Phool to Daag, Kabhie Kabhie, Silsila and his last Jab Tak Hai

Let's Talk About Dating

“Firstly, I shall ask him to think over the matter very seriously before taking a final decision, talk to him about the possible consequences of such a marriage, giving examples of cases which we both (parents) know about. If I see that he is still convinced about it, I’ll support him.”

Shahtoosh: Reviving a Dying Art

Can the shahtoosh industry, banned in India, be revived again by rearing the delicate Chiru antelopes in farms and obtaining their prized fur without killing the animals?

India’s Beauty Brigade

From Sushmita Sen in the early 1990s to the latest 2011 winners, daughters of the Armed Forces seem to dominate Indian beauty pageants.

Desperately Seeking Desi

One ABCD tries to understand what it really means to be Indian.

The Itch To Stitch

Tailoring businesses like Raja Fashions and Mohan’s Custom Tailors outsourced long before outsourcing was cool.

Gay Ho!

Indian gays celebrate legal win, strive for social acceptance.

The Final Inch

Akash Shukla had his legs sawed in two to gain 2.5 inches.

Retirement: An Iconic Struggle

I watched with young and startled eyes as my grandfather stormed into my house, gave my quiet father a mouthful and stormed away. It was the first time I witnessed a big deal being made about retirement.

The Enigma Of Brevity

Everything in life is marked or characterized by brevity. Childhood passes, youth is short-lived. Joys don't last; sorrows too fade away.

Luxury Retirement Homes

India’s seniors finding themselves in the uncharted territory

Can That Damn Accent!

An accent is a part of a person's charm

Homosexuality And The Indian

India has a tradition of benign neglect of alternate sexualities.

Exporting Hindi

This Made in India product is finding its way into many countries.

Searching For Answers

Asra Nomani, a colleague of Daniel Pearl, talks about a changed new world

Is Sunita Williams Really An Indian Idol?

Are we so bereft of heroes that we have to import them at the cost of our self-esteem?

Marriage: Is love necessary?

How does the institution of arranged marriage, the culturally preferred way of Indians to establish the couple, square with the powerful dream of love?

Summer Shadows

Chikan goes hip.

Single In The City

They are not married and frankly, my dear, they don't give a damn.

"Been There, Done That" Desi Dudes

The evolution of the aging upwardly mobile single desi.

Hell Of A Party

Where's the Party Yaar is a romp through Indian America.

Men In Skirts

Are you less a man in a lungi?

What A Stretch

Indians on a treadmill? You gotta be kidding!

Saris For Fun

In a decided shift from its graceful, elegant image, the sari is now fun, providing enough length in its 6 yards for the wearer and

All These Trimmings

From kasida to dabka, lace and even buttons, style, this season, is about how you decorate your garment.    Shadow work mixed with buckles, buttons on

Here Comes The Bride...... And The Bride

The gray cat dozes contentedly on a bench in the afternoon sun as Arvind Kumar, his head shaded by a floppy blue hat, plucks weeds

Flights Of Fancy

Indian fashion is spreading global wings.

Made For Maharajas

A sneak peek into a fabled existence of palaces, jewels and fast cars.

Indian Designers on Project Runway

Indian designers edge into the tent.

It's Called Love

Marriages that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

Simply Saira

Everything you were itching to ask a super model

Single Rebound

Some Indians are opting to stay single the second time around.

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