Profane Statues?

A Hindu group in New Jersey, Forum for Hindu Awakening, is protesting the sale of statues of Hindu deities depicting Shiva and Shakti in sexual

Yunus On The Simpsons

Grameen Bank founder Muhammad Yunus will make an appearance on the hit TV show, The Simpsons, in October, during which he will  highlight his micro-credit

$35 Laptop

The government proposes to subsidize the tablet by 50 percent

Defaming Manhood

A court in Madhya Pradesh has fined a woman for defaming her husband’s manhood in her divorce petition, in which she sought separation on the

Wounded Author

All applicants for the card must establish evidence of their Indian origins. But making such a demand of a man of Sir Naipaul’s stature?

U.S. Open Table Tennis Champion

India’s Achanta Sharath Kamal , 27, captured by the U.S Open Table Tennis Championships, defeating defending champion Thomas Keinath 

6-Year-Old Terrorist?

A 6-year-old Indian American girl's nightmare on the U.S. government's no-fly list.

$11,000 Car Wash

Gurcharn Sahota’s five-year-old car wash Elite Detailing in Derbyshire, services celebrity Ferarris, Bugatti Veyrons, McLaren F1s, F1 GTRs, Pagani Zondas and Rolls Royces.

Human Trafficking

The men were placed in labor camps in Mississippi and Texas by an oil rig company Signal International

Peeping Techie

A tech support agent in India is accused of striking up an online friendship with a caller and then using her credit card to purchase a Dell computer, which he shipped to a woman in Waynesboro, Tenn.

Why Are Small Films, Suddenly In Big Trouble?

It is reported that over a 100 small films, censor-approved and ready, are rotting in the cans with no takers

Voting Rights For NRIs

The government has proposed a bill in Parliament to amend Section 20 of the 1950 Representation of People’s Act.

All For A Cuppa!

India’s tea estates beckon tea connoisseurs from around the world.

FIFA Fever In India

In a country where cricket is divine, FIFA fever makes you wonder whether the new generation is headed for a religious conversion.

Technology And Tradition Have To Be Friends

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, one of the world’s foremost players of the sarod, reflects on business and art.

The New Right-hand Men

The growing role of women in Indian Family Business

Tattered Kites

Who killed Kites and Raavana?

The Kite That Couldn’t Fly?

The idea that national cinema cannot be translated into a broader idiom for viewers around the world is misplaced.

Little More Hollywood For American Audiences

Brett Ratner who remixed Kites for U.S. audiences, on Bollywood’s potential in the United States.

Haley’s Comet

As more and more Indian Americans storm the citadels of political power behind Jindal and Haley, overcoming public prejudices against non Judaea Christian office seekers will be their next great challenge — and, hopefully, accomplishment.

$2 Million for Tagore Paintings

A collection of rare paintings, including “Figure in Yellow,” by the Nobel Prize winning poet Rabindranath Tagore sold for nearly $2.2 million at a Sotheby’s

Canadian Apology

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper has apologized to the families of those killed in an Air India terrorist attack for governmental and administrative failures. “I

A Pen-ny For Gandhi’s Thoughts

Montblanc’s marketing honchos have transported the Mahatma to a new level of corporate iconography

Priest Accused Of Visa Fraud

A Hindu temple priest in Milwaukee, Wisc., is accused of charging up to $30,000 to secure illegal visas for religious workers from India. Immigration authorities

$3.7 million Raza

Syed Haider Raza’s work “Saurashtra” became the most expensive Indian painting when it sold for $3.7 million at a Christie’s auction in London.It broke a

Indians Fourth Largest Immigrant Group In Australia

The Indian population in Australia doubled in the last six years, displacing Italians as the fourth largest immigrant group in the country.Indians are the fastest

Trip At 66

A 66-year-old Indian woman has become the oldest woman in the world to give birth to triplets after undergoing vitro fertilization.The children are Bhateri Devi’s

Hitler Film

Anupam Kher, a leading Indian actor, is pulling out of a film on Adolf Hitler, following protests by Indian Jewish groups.Kher, who was to play

India Seeks Lost Treasures

India is seeking UNESCO support to retrieve priceless antiquities, such as the Peacock Throne and the Kohinoor, looted by foreign invaders. Archaeological Survey of India

Blagojevich Eyed Indian Ambassadorship

Blagojevich tells his chief of staff John Harris on one recording from Nov. 5, 2008, “Why can’t I be ambassador to India?”

162 Member Family

The family is part of the Chana sect, which has 3,000 members.

India Seeks ex-Union Carbide CEO’s Extradition

The Indian Cabinet had decided to seek the extradition of the former head of Union Carbide Warren Anderson over the toxic gas leak in 1984

1in 16

India’s leading software firm Infosys rejects 94 percent of job applicants, according to its annual report. The company offered jobs to 26,200 of nearly 400,000 applicants

Nicht Deutsche?

Anshu Jain’s elevation as head of investment banking at Deutsche Bank, putting him next in line for the bank’s top job, is raising eyebrows in

Asian Millionaires Boom

 Asian millionaires have overtaken their European counterparts for the first time. According to a report by Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Capgemini, the wealth of Asian

IPL Owners Want Salary Cap Raised

Indian Premier League franchise owners want the salary cap in the Twenty20 league raised by $2 million to $9 million. The number of teams in the

Richest Malay Indians

Telecom giant Ananda Krishnan, ranked second on the list.

Reliance Expands

Reliance has the option to buy 45 percent share of Pioneer’s new gas discoveries.

Gulf Overtakes North America In Remittances To India

The share of remittances from the Gulf regions grew during the global economic crisis in 2008-2009 and declined from North America and East Asia.

Output Growth Slows

India’s industrial output growth rate continues to slow. Output grew 15.1 percent in February, below January’s 16.7 percent growth and December’s peak at 17.6 percent,

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