Does Going De-Glam Equal Great Acting?

Super stars want some acting respect.

Shame Of A Nation

Unlike China, which showcased its economic and organizational prowess on the global stage by pulling off a spectacular Olympics, India was internationally humiliated by the ineptness and chaos that engulfed the Commonwealth Games.

Centenarian PhD

A 100-year-old Indian freedom fighter is vying to become the oldest Ph.D. student in the country. Bholaram Das has enrolled for a PhD in Gauhati

Research Sabotage

An Indian post graduate student at the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center has been convicted of sabotaging the experiments of a colleague out of

Gandhi Font

An Indian ad agency has developed a Gandhiji font in the Devanagari script, based on Mahatma Gandhi’s spectacles with the aim of “allowing us to

Premier League Cancels Two Franchises

The Board of Control for Cricket in India has yanked the Indian Premier League licenses of the Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab for breaching

Capitalism vs. Altruism

SKS Rekindles the Microfinance Debate.

Don’t Monkey With Us

A contingent of langurs was deployed at the Commonwealth Games venues to chase away monkeys.   Ten langurs were posted outside the boxing and hockey stadiums

No Show for Salahi Photos

People simply aren’t crashing the gates for signed photos of the Salahis who gained notoriety for crashing a White House state dinner for Indian Prime

Yoga, Unchristian?

A Southern Baptist leader is calling on Christians to spurn yoga and its meditative attachments. Southern Baptist Seminary President Albert Mohler argues in an online essay

Who’s Laughing Now

Paul Henry resigned as anchor from Television New Zealand

Mistry’s Short Journey

Mumbai University drops Rohinton Mistry's novel Such a Long Journey.

Silencing Tabla

The restaurant’s executive chef Floyd Cardoz, who became famous for his Indian fusion cooking, will remain with Meyer’s company to work on other projects.

Offshoring Companies Take Political Hit

Democrats are denouncing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s political advertising campaign this election season for being funded by foreigners. A progressive policy group ThinkProgress has

Reliance Raises $1.5B in Bonds

Reliance Industries’ U.S. subsidiary, Reliance Holding USA Inc., has raised $1.5 billion in bonds in India’s largest-ever corporate bond sale. The offer was nearly 7.8

Sales rise 50% in India

Strong demand in India and China led to a 40 percent growth in sales in Asia-Pacific and Africa in the first three quarters for Ford

Foreign Investors

Lured by a booming stock market, foreign investors have poured $28.5 billion into Indian stocks in the first nine months of this year, more than

Indian Hunger

The Food Policy Institute has ranked India at the near bottom of its Global Hunger Index, accounting for almost 42 percent of the world’s underweight

29 Million Cigarettes

Ghalib Shahjamaluddin, 43, is charged with paying an undercover investigator $4.3 million.

U.S. Partner Sues Mahindra

Global Vehicles USA is suing Mahindra for terminating its contract in June after it spurned a takeover offer.

Twin Capital Of The World

Mohammadpur Umri, a small non-descript village near Allahabad, where India’s twin sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna meet, is the twin capital of the world.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

What we observe may just be the tip of an iceberg.

In And Out Of Sync

You can be alone in a crowd, whether at a party, a family or public gathering.

Group Buying Sites

Strategy of the Future or Too Good to Be True?

Teed Off!

Magic markers and cardboard signs have a shot against spreadsheets and slick powerpoint presentations again.

Letting Go Of Superkids

Ease up on your child, will you?

India Hikes Interest Rates

India’s central bank raised a key interest rate for its short term loans to banks for the fifth time this year, signaling its intentions to

Tech Innovators

Three Indian entrepreneurs delivering high speed wireless internet services, educational farming videos and interfaces for the illiterate are among 35 innovators “who exemplify the spirit

3rd Most Powerful Nation

US, Euro, Japanese and Russian power is expected to decline, while that of India and China grow by 2025.

Virgin Conviction

Shelley Malil, who played Haziz, a co-worker of Steve Carell’s character in The 40-Year-Old Virgin faces 16 years to life in prison following his conviction

Converse Recalls Jimi Hendrix Shoe

The shoes, which sold for $60 on Zappos, Eastbay and the Converse websites, are no longer available.

Foreign Faculty For IITs

An estimated one-third of teaching positions at IIT are vacant.

Hi Tech Mahabharata

Morrison says, “All technology should consider embracing some of this retro-Indian-steam punk aesthetic.”

Indian Student Drop In Australia

The number of international student visas dropped 16 percent.

Attacking Gold

Melinda M. Soto, who pleaded guilty, said the crime ring netted $500,000 in gold and other valuables.

Swastika Furor

A tapestry featuring a Hindu swastika at a children's museum in Irvine, Calif., stirs a controversy.

Oh! Heaven! Seventy Seven

India ranks 77 in Forbes’ annual list of Best Countries for Business list, ahead of China, which ranks 90.The U.S., which has been battered by

NRI Taxation

A new bill pending in India’s parliament proposes to tax NRIs on their global income if they spend more than 60 days in a year

Suzuki Plans Third Auto Plant

Suzuki is planning a third vehicle plant with annual production capacity of 250,000 in India to meet exploding demand. Suzuki holds a controlling 54 percent stake

$2.6 Billion Tax Bill For Vodafone

An Indian court has assessed $2.6 billion in taxes for Vodafone’s 2007 acquisition of one of India’s largest mobile phone companies.The Bombay High Court

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