Far Away Home

Gurmale Singh Grewal's third generation family-owned Singh Developments has become one of the largest Indian real estate empires in the United States.

Keeping Marathi Alive in Jerusalem

The job of preserving the Marathi language and culture is left to the old.

Dubai’s Grand Gurdwara

Gurunanak Darbar is a heady mix of spirituality, tradition, modernity, opulence and the determination of a man.

Globalizing the Indian Diet

The 21st century Indian professional is a global citizen. Well read, well travelled and yes, well fed! She knows her blue cheese from a feta, pita bread from a naan, dim sum from a momo. These up-worldly mobile Indians do not shy away from asking for New World Wines with specific harvesting years nor are they insensitive to subtle flavors like truffle oil, asparagus foam or recognizing the robust overtones of a genuine Thai bird eye chilli and galangal.

Serial Blasts Rock Oxford of the East

Of the 40,000 international students pursuing education in India, nearly half are studying in colleges in Pune.

Right Side of History

Economic forces and Pres. Obama’s legendary timidity in the first half of his presidency could yet doom the Democratic Party’s presidential and Congressional aspirations during this election cycle.

Indian Undocumented Alien population Doubles

The latest report estimates the current undocumented Indian population at 280,000, the seventh largest such group in the country.

Indians in Paris

The number of Indian tourists visiting Paris has breached 300,000, up almost 200 percent in the last decade.

$10 Million Bail for Rajat Gupta

Rajat Gupta is accused of giving Galleon's Raj Rajaratnam insider information on Proctor & Gamble and Goldman Sachs in 2008 and 2009 in civil and criminal complaints unsealed today.

Diverse State of Little Indias

Indians in Florida are three times as likely to be divorced or separated than those in Pennsylvania, North Carolina or New Jersey. Indians are five times as likely to be widowed in Maryland as in Missouri.

An Indian Reunion

An estimated 30 million overseas Indians are spread all over the world, the second largest diaspora, according to the UNDP, after overseas Chinese, who are estimated to number more than 40 million.

Queens of the Ganges

New York’s Jamaica Bay has become a sacred pilgrimage spot for Hindus in Queens. On Fridays and Sundays scores of Hindu devotees descend on the beaches of North Channel Bridge, as well as Ferry Point Park and Rockaways, from dawn to dusk to pray and cast offerings into the bay, which many liken to the sacred Indian river Ganges.

Doc is in the Clear

Overseas Indian physicians may soon be allowed to practice and teach at medical schools in India. The union cabinet has endorsed a proposal from the National

Indians Fuel America’s Growth

Nearly half of America’s top 50 venture-funded companies have immigrant founders, and Indians top the list.

Green Card Holds on Hold

Sen. Chuck Grassley placed a hold on the bill

Britain’s Best Primary School

A primary school with predominantly Indian and Asian children has been rated as Britain’s best performing primary school.

Time for Murder

A Lancaster University student shot dead may have been murdered for failing to give the gunman the correct time.

Bikram Yoga Steams

The 65-year-old yoga guru has filed a federal lawsuit to block Yoga to the People.

Dinner at the Patels

I could feel them taking inventory of my outfit, my hair, and my non-designer shoes, and inevitably, as soon as whomever I was talking to chalked me up as being a “fresh-off-the-boat,” they simply turned to someone more important.

A Different Arrangement

Indian American filmakers hit their stride

$20,000 a Day Out-of-Jail Card

Every $20,000 in charitable giving may have saved Galleon Founder Raj Rajaratnam one day in jail.

Raj Rajaratnam Sentenced to 11 Years

Galleon Fund's Raj Rajaratnam is sentenced to 11 years in prison, fined $10 million and ordered to forfeit almost $54 million.

The Pre-Trip Gift Buyer’s Guide

For the past few weekends, my friend Tam has been hitting the shops assiduously, rifling through bargain aisles; stocking up enough shower gels to clean

The NRI Dilemma

The Never Return is a unique breed of people. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they think they are the most fortunate people in this world. For them India is a third world country which is confined to those once-in-a-few-years visits for the sake of completing the formality of seeing their loved ones

Indians Behaving Badly

It is time for some soul-searching within the community, before more Indians discover themselves attracting the relentless public humiliation that Kaur’s boorish and arrogant conduct has subjected her to.

Rx for Murder

A Jersey City doctor has been charged with conspiring to have his wife, lover and a former business associate murdered. Dr. Ajit Jayaram, 63, of

India Calling

Second generation Indian Americans turn to India for professional opportunities.

The Big Move

Lakshmi Palacenda walks you through the steps of her move from Montana to Mysore.

Reverse Take

We return to the villages in India visited by US. presidents after the camera lights have turned off and the make-up washed away.

Season Of Giving

Indian Americans are increasingly stepping up to the plate and embracing philanthropy.

Knowns and Unknowns

Nonprofits List: 49 Indian nonprofits have annual revenues exceeding $1 million.

Return To India

As their fate becomes increasingly uncertain, a growing number of Indian immigrants are packing up and heading home.

Our Mind Blocks Keep Us Struggling

I, for one, make quite a hash of Appan Tampuram Kallathil Thiruvattukkal Ezuttacan Pappachan or Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas and Parthasarathy Bhattacharya myself! But that is my prerogative, as an Indian. Now if I were a Caucasian American, that would be a different matter altogether!

Split Personalities?

Indian immigrants strive for ways to balance their dual identities.

Kenya's Wahindis

The uneasy life of Indians in Kenya.

The Fading American Dream

The American dream is souring for tens of thousands of Indians in the financial sector.

The Brown Chronicles

Overseas Anglo Indians knock at his door in search of their roots.

Two Faced Struggle

Far too many are judgmental or prescriptive in their notions of what an authentic Indian American identity is, or ought to be.

Thatha's Faith

My grandfather was a vestige of our colonial past and India's nascent restorative democracy following independence.

Aye Mere Bichhade Chaman

Do you pine sometimes for the sounds, the images, the rhythms and the media constructions of your past?

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