The Brown And Gray Of Race

Indian Americans occupy a "third space" in this country, as they have neither been afforded the implicit privileges of whiteness nor damned by the historical burdens of blackness.

The Bilingual Dilemma

To speak or not speak? That's the question.

Murder and Mourning in Baton Rouge

Little India visits the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge after the media lights have dimmed.

Masala Mixers

While the lean-ins to swap contact info may seem casual, make no mistake: desis are hunting for a suitable mate as doggedly as they pursued master’s degrees and coveted internships a few years ago.

The White Sheep

So, the whole world might not know I am Indian, but I do.

Of Marriageable Age

So you are 30 and single!

Made in India, Remade in America

A look at how Indian festivals are being transformed in America.

Strangers in a Strange Land

We wouldn't be lifelong friends, but we both felt an immediate sense of familiarity.

The Heart Of Giving

Indian Americans are opening up their checkbooks for philanthropy...

Afghanistan's Favored People

It was an interest in elephants that led Shanthini Dawson to Afghanistan, a country of high mountains and rugged terrain where most people don't know

The Mating Game

THE MATING GAME: From marriage fairs to the Internet to speed dating to work place romances, the search is on for the ideal life partner.

The White Complex

What's behind the Indian prejudice for fair skin?

Dr. Ravi & Mr. Hyde

If the strange name doesn't catch your attention, the man behind the movie will!  He is a busy, successful doctor, happily married to an equally successful

The Deviant Diplomat

A diplomatic posting in Afghanistan is not everyone's cup of tea. Sandeep Kumar has made it his pot.

Indians in Malaysia: An Alienated Community

One of the largest overseas Indian community in the world, Indian Malaysians, have not quite fit in.

Bollywood Gamble

Indian Americans are investing in cinema, but will they lose their shirts?


So what really makes Indians Indian?

India Down Under

New Zealand is becoming home to a growing Indian community that has set its roots in big cities such as Auckland and Wellington and in small towns from Rotorua to Taupo.

Generation Next

The new generation steps into the spotlight.

Love And Loss On Two Continents

Can children ever truly understand what their immigrant parents have lost?

Unconventional Uniform

Indians in the United States armed forces.


Our roving reports.

The In-Between Generation

Sandwiched between the ABCDs and the FOBs.

Unsung Heroes

The laborers of the Diaspora are as worthy as its millionaires.

High Tea

Humble to haute, Chai is no longer just your mother's cup of tea.

Rose Tinted Glasses

University President Dr Beheruz Sethna retains a child-like curiosity.

In The Affirmative

We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as others do the heavy lifting for us.


Hicksville reclaims its old reputation as an Indian stronghold - this time of the desi variety.

Soft Spots of a Tough Girl

Anita Pratap reports from the some of the most dangerous regions in the world.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

The nip is in the air. It's Diwali time again.

The Big Picture

Afsana Amarsy's Land of the Tiger brings India to the IMAX

Here There Everywhere An Indian

  Every sixth person in the world is an Indian - and suddenly we seem to be running into them all, here in the United

Indian Coconut

The future will be a fierce political battle between those who stand for equality and justice and those who walk in step with entrenched wealth. 

Underground Tales

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority is among the largest single employer of Indians in the United States. What makes the 2,500 Indians tick in the MTA?

Sam's Trip

Trailing NRI telecom guru Sam Pitroda at the hustings.

Atman's Atma

A Mauritian's search for his Indian roots.

Eating Their Hearts Out

The rag-tag army of shadowy, often undocumented, workers in America.

Unhappy In America

America the beautiful? No thanks. All they want is a ticket back to India.

The Other Indian Americans

A stone's throw away from the American border, a million Indians call it home.

American Taal

New York gets its groove back - and Indian Americans join the party.

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