Mr Jindal Goes to Washington

The first Indian American elected to the U.S. Congress in 50 years talks about his motivations, Christian faith and Indian roots.

The High Life

These Indians turn work into play and play into work.

Outsourced Spouses

Indians are pioneers in trans-continental marriages.

Dishonor And Abandon

The word is out in India: Marry an NRI at your own peril...

Academic Stars

More than 8,000 Indian professors are enriching university campuses all across America.

Matter Of Justice

Vivek Maru brings paralegal services to Sierra Leone's poor.

The Sikhs: In the Shadows of 9/11

1984 and 9/11 are defining moments in the lives of Sikh Americans.   Jeet Bindra, president of global hrefining at Chevron, says after he cut his

Jai Hind

About once a month, I get a Jai Hind e-mail from my uncles and aunties in the United States who want to remind the children

The Midway Generation

They have spent half their lives outside of India in America.

An Ode to the Indian Diaspora

From Gladstone coolies to the plantations to computer code professionals in Silicon Valley, the Indian Diaspora has come of age as the educated, brainy tech Maharaja of the world.

Bar None

A new breed of Indian attorneys is challenging the status quo.

The Indian Outsider

An Indian Jew struggles as an outsider in Israel.

Juggernaut of Festivals

Let The Feasting Begin

NRIs Head Home

Growing numbers of NRIs are beginning to seek out Real Estate in India.   Beary Group's Syed Mohammed Beary: Practically all builders are aiming at developing

It Was Only Meant As A Vacation

How India sends tourists on a journey of self discovery

Walking On A Tightrope

Imagine this: you are blind and deaf, and suspended on a high wire. Below is a surging, tumultuous ocean of hurtling cars, rushing people, a

The Vanishing Circle

We may be monetarily richer, but are we poorer in friends?

Outsized Dreams

These Indian Americans have larger than life ambitions.

The Immigrant Thali

Indian cuisine is undergoing a metamorphosis, but then so is the American table.

The Hidden India In America

You have to know where to look!

Invest Like A Pro

Stock market investing is safer than bank deposits. Quite shocking, isn't it? The principal trick is to choose the right company to invest in. Understanding

Once Upon A Mango

The stories of our lives are entwined with this glorious, golden fruit...

Running With The Bulls

A street where money talks and Indians trot.

The Hollywood Yogis

They have to leave their shoes and their egos at the door for this age-old practice.

The Quest For First

Indian Americans are a driven lot. Is it their genes, their environment or ambitious parents?

The Daddy Mummy Generation

Shall We Dance? Na, Na, Na!

Let's Dance

For the second generation dance is freedom of expression, cultural roots, a fitness routine, a date-finder and a socializing venue all rolled into one.

What Is "Indian" Supposed To Mean

If it is not defined by the food you eat, the clothes you wear, or where you live, as suggested by political correctness and some

The Microsoft Millionaires

All they want is a laptop and some coffee; food is optional.

No Roof No Roots No Rights

The search for a roof over one's head can become a journey into a waking nightmare

The Moral Quandary

How do you give up age-old values and still remain the same person?

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