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Scamster Poet?

Ramalinga Raju, founder chairman of Satyam Computers, currently imprisoned on chrages of masterminding India’s biggest corporate fraud, has published a book of Telugu poems, which include odes to morality and ethics.

Got Rakhied

Neelima Chaturvedi, coordinator of the city-based Rakhi Centre, said, “It will certainly act as a deterrent.”

Texting for 74-Year-Old

Anna Hazare was the most popular Indian personality on social media during his 12-day fast against corruption. His page attracted almost 400,000 “likes” on Facebook, and

May it Please Your Honor

A scientist who was being badgered by family members over his property gifted his estate to the Supreme Court instead. A lawyer for Balram Nath Nigam’s

Freedom Cow

A British businessman Kosh Patel is offering a $15,000 reward to bring the cow to South Wales to serve as a mascot for a new social enterprise to promote vegetarianism.


A new website Samosapedia is attempting to use crowd-sourcing to compile a guide to Indian English.

Horoscopes Admissible Evidence

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that a horoscope is admissible evidence to prove a person’s date of birth.

Rakhis for Canadian Police

Young Hindu girls tied rakhis on the wrists of police officers in London, near Ontario, Canada on Raksha Bandhan. Since “Raksha” stands for “protection” and “Bandhan”

Cheapest Mega-City

Mumbai is the cheapest megacity in the world.

Indian or Bangladeshi?

Residents of an Indian enclave to be transferred to Bangladesh can opt to take Bangladeshi citizenship or move to India where it would be the Indian government’s responsibility to provide them land for resettlement.

Back to School

Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and 19 of his cabinet colleagues are undertaking a management course “Governance Insight For Transformation” at the

Dhania Medicine

Coriander has anti-bacterial properties that prevent food poisoning and can treat antibiotic-resistant infections. Researchers at Portugal’s University of Beira Interior found that “coriander oil damages

Killer Indian Beetle

The bug has been intercepted 100 times nationwide so far this year, compared to an average of 15 times in 2007-2009, most recently in bags of rice at Chicago’s Ohare Airport.

Trousers Didn’t Fit, You Must Acquit

Dr Narendra Sharma had been accused of performing obscene acts on himself for his own “sexual stimulation and gratification.”


In a sign that the British tongue is spicing up, jalfrezi has displaced tikka masala as the most popular curry in the U.K., according to a poll by the British Curry Club.

Stressed Out

Indian women are the world’s most stressed.

You Haven’t Got Mail!

Indian outsourcing companies may be providing technology solutions to the world’s largest companies, but Indian government officials, right up to the Indian prime minister’s office and the Indian Air Force, rely on free e-mail services from Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo to conduct official business, according to a Bloomberg report.

Uranium Doubles

The discovery of new uranium reserves in Andhra Pradesh will nearly double India’s uranium reserves, according to the chairman of India’s atomic energy commission.

Repenting Samosas

A New Jersey Indian restaurant can be sued for emotional distress as well as the costs of religious purification ceremonies in Haridwar, by 16 patrons to whom it accidentally served non vegetarian food.

Meaty Matters

Meat consumption is on the rise in India, with per capita consumption topping 5 to 5.5 kgs. a year, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO.

Dream Act

Last year, Congress considered, but failed to pass, the Dream Act, which would have given students like Chahal a break.

Hot Yogi

Yoga guru to the stars, Bikram Choudury, could not hold on to his inner peace when an interviewer for the London The Times ventured into

No House for Mrs Biswas

I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not

Snap, What a Deal!

Enthusiastic villagers decided to rename their village from Shiv Nagar to Snapdeal.com Nagar

Undiplomatic Conduct

A former maid is accusing India’s New York consulate of using her as forced labor and making a sexual advance. Santosh Bhardwaj, 45, alleges in her lawsuit that she was made to work 105-hour a week for just $300 a month and had to sleep in a storage room.

Well-Educated Star

Raju deleted her Twitter, Facebook and MySpace accounts after video of the altercation surfaced and went viral.

Outing Bribes

A new website is shining a spotlight on corruption in India by allowing users to share their bribery experiences. Ipaidabribe.com seeks to “uncover the market price

Maya, Anaya and Arjun

Maya, a name also popular among African Americans, is the most popular Indian female baby name in the United States. Arjun retained its rank as

Out On Her A...

Back home in South Africa, Pasqualotto claims she has been offered a major role in a Bollywood film and will appear at the inaugural India Grand Prix in October.

Age matters between the legs

The 2006 conversations were disclosed after the Indian Supreme Court lifted its five-year-old gag order on the tapes.

Cheap $hot

Members of India’s medical community are bristling at what they term as Pres. Barack Obama’s cheap shot at the country’s “cheap” healthcare.  Speaking at a

Eluding Marriage

Ratan Tata, head the Tata Group, one of India’s largest business empires, recently revealed that he come close to marrying four times, but “each time

The State of Belief

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, often touted as a Tea Party favorite for the Republican presidential nomination, is turning heads with his spirited defense of

Spycam Student Indicted

A RutgersUniversity student accused of using a webcam to spy on his roommate having gay sex has been indicted on a sexual orientation hate crime

Going Home

The study found that family considerations and a desire to give back were the strongest motivators for returning to India.

Guru On The Lamb

Prakashanand Saraswati, the 82-year-old charismatic founder and spiritual guru of Barsana Dham in Austin, Texas, billed as the largest Hindu Temple in North America, has

Indians Need Not Apply

A Seattle apartment complex has agreed to a $110,000 penalty for discriminating against Indians, African Americans and Hispanics to settle a Justice Department lawsuit. The lawsuit

Hair Trigger

A Sikh inmate challenges the hair policy in a California prison.

Smells Of Curry

A British teacher is accused of spraying air freshener on Asian children who smelled of curry.

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