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Techie Hinglish

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Techie  Hinglish

With the growing popularity of cell phones, the word recharge is entering the Hinglish lexicon, as in recharge your brain, for example.

Likewise, Hi-fi, abbreviation for high fidelity, defines someone or something as posh. Bolo, bolo.

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Kaitlin April 28, 2013 at 10:40 PM
Oh Susan, my heart aches for you. The struggle and bruedn of spreading Gods message is challenging. Can't tell you the number of times I've wanted to pull the plug- in fact, months ago, unknowingly you kept me going by your nice comments.I truly believe that God's hand is upon you, therefore Satan is doing everything in his power to pull you away! Don't let him have the victory. I will be praying God will give you the strength, fortitude and encouragement you need to follow his command. He may tell you to rest for a while- if so I will miss you. But please don't listen to Satan. I pray you hear GODS voice and not the lies. The lies are easy to listen to, the truth is not always so easy.This past Sunday our service was about God giving us visions and how before we see the results we will be tested and refined. Ex: Abram to AbrahamAs for the costs- I'm not sure about that since I use a free blogspot.
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