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Measuring Up

Sorry folks, we don't know how quite to tell you this, but a two-year study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has conclusively

A Touch Of India With Daniel Boulud

He was named America's Outstanding Restaurateur and Best Chef in 2006 by the prestigious James Beard Foundation. In fact, Daniel Boulud is a name gourmands

Man Of The Year

Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth, the University of Virginia senior, who shot to public fame after Republican Sen, George Allen ridiculed him as macaca at a campaign

Nuclear Warmth

Perhaps it took India going nuclear, but Americans seem to be warming up to India.   The "Global Thermometer" index by Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, measuring the

Most Difficult Gift

A recent survey found that most Americans found it most difficult to identify an appropriate gift for Dad. Well for Indians, the greatest  difficulty is

The Tree Hugger Of Kansas

Simran Sethi may not need to actually go and hug trees to save them from being chopped, but she's doing all that she can to

Can't Cheat On That Check

In what is sure to send shivers down the spine of every college smoocher, three computer science graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University have figured

Vegetarians Are Smarter

This has got to stop. First they said it was the curry, now it's the vegetables that allegedly make you smarter.  A study of 8,000 people

Nutty Robbers

Indians love their Badam Kheer for sure, but wanting it by the ton?

The Pizza Twins

Twins have double the fun and surely double the energy - so no wonder Miki and Radha Agrawal, 27, are involved in a dizzying array

Kabbadi Cops!

Who would have expected kabaddi, the 4,000-year-old indigenous sport of India, to be taken up by Canadians - huge, powerfully built, mostly white cops no

Mumbai Favorite Indian Metro

Mumbai edged out New Delhi as the favorite Indian metro among overseas Indians. Bangalore trailed in third place, followed by Ahmedabad.   Which of the following metros

Don Makes A Killing

There's money in them remakes! Don, which stars Shah Rukh Khan, harks back to the cult favorite of the same name starring Amitabh Bachchan, and

Marx Man

A Marxist Californian may be the first foreigner to win a student election in India.   Tyler Walker Williams, a Berkeley native and a student for the

The Tax Collector Is A Eunuch

Frustrated city officials in Patna have struck upon a novel scheme to shake down tax deadbeats by recruiting scores of eunuchs to collect on the

Curry Makes You Smarter

Ever wonder what makes Indians so damn smart? According to a study in the American Journal of Epidemology, Singapore researchers might have struck upon the

Indian Millionaires Row

The road to UK's Indian super-rich runs through Aston Road in Northwood, a west London suburb.   The London Times reports that Indian millionaires are snapping up

Meet The Papdits

CBS's broadband network Innertube has begun streaming The Papdits, a wacky 20-minute comedy originally created, but later nixed, by Fox in 2004. The Papdits follows

Mind Your Language

Are you a badmash, inclined to airdash? Are you guilty of timepass during working hours?   If you speak Hinglish you know that of which we speak.

Pocket Sari

A Chennai store has introduced what it is boasting is the world's first sari with a pocket, which can hold your mobile phone, keys and

Imagine No Google

Indians are behind almost a quarter of all immigrant start-ups in America.   A study, American Made: The Impact of Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Professionals on US Competitiveness

Technology To The Rescue

Two Rochester Institute of Technology scientists are using high tech imaging technologies used to  digitize the Dead Sea Scrolls to create digital copies of a

When The Kapoors Were King

Who would have known that Indira Gandhi once toyed with a possible marital alliance between her son Rajiv and Ritu, the daughter of Raj Kapoor?

Waxing People

Spoony Singh works on a wax figure of Marilyn Monroe in his Hollywood Wax Museum in Los Angeles in this April 19, 1966 file photo.

Desis Don't See Red

If you have done a double flip at Gap's campaign featuring Penelope Cruz with the word Desi(Red) emblazoned on her, you are mistaken in your


Amitabh Bachchan is trading places with his nemesis, the bloodthirsty Gabbar Singh in a remake of Sholay, India's greatest movie classic.   Amitabh Bachchan poses in front

Spicing Up America!

Fusion was a word not unknown to Floyd Cardoz, the celebrity chef of Tabla, when he was growing up in Bombay in a Goan family

Most Corrupt B2B

Indian businesses are rated as the most corrupt in the world for bribery, according to a new report by Transparency International, an advocacy group against

Treading Two Worlds

The literary world is abuzz over Kiran Desai, 35, bagging the prestigious Man Booker prize for her second novel, The Inheritance of Loss, becoming the

Diwali Barbie

A diwali version of the iconic Barbie doll is joining the toy company Mattel's roster of world dolls. The Diwali Barbie joins the "Dolls of

The Bard From Imphal

Can what happens in a remote corner of India affect the rest of the world? Ratan Thiyam of Imphal, Manipur ensures that it does through

Kipling's Precious Jewel for Rent

You now have a chance to rent the Vermont home of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), the Nobel Prize winning British Indian author.Kipling wrote some of his

Desi Dinner Theater In Atlanta

South Asians love spicy food and spicy drama. So what could be more appropriate than combining the two? "When we have big desi events, the

Mohinder Suresh Is Hero

The much-hyped new NBC Monday Night series Heroes launching Sept 25, includes the character of Mohinder Suresh (played by Sendhil Ramamurthy), an Indian geneticist professor

Hansdehar's Malgudi Days

Hansdehar is touting itself as the first knowledge village of Haryana. This village of 1,753 residents has developed a website detailing its residents and photographs

Proposing In Music

Vivek Babtiwale unsuccessfully tried to pitch his "Sit and Shave" product, which allows men to shave while sitting on the toilet, to incredulous hosts on

Hard Core Casual Gamer?

Remember the adage: when the law is against you, argue the facts; when the facts are against you, argue the law and if both the

Top Ten Life Tips From A Tech Wiz

Wisdom about how to live life from the King of Code? Seems hard to believe but Rajesh Setty of Sunnyvale, Calif., is one computer wiz who's seen

Remember Ayurveda?

British and Indian scientists are looking at several Ayurvedic mental boosters for treating Alzheimer's disease. Scientists at Kings College in London and Jadhavpur University in Kolkata

New Bird Species

In what Birdlife International describes as "the most sensational ornithological discovery in India for more than half a century," an Indian astronomer has identified a

City Of Jhumpa

Everyone is reading Jhumpa in Chicago! The city has the One Book, One Chicago program where it encourages all the citizens to read and discuss


Push Cart Vendor Turns Hollywood Star

Shame Of A Nation

Katrina wrenched the lid off a cellar where we have been hiding all the poor people and the whole world saw the misery, the racism

Man For All Seasons

He is a musician, a "certified' clown and a ham. But what makes Satish Vyas special is the joie de vivre with which he lives

Have You Tried This?

Mustard In Your Cake, Betel Nut In Your Chocolates

Hooked To The Hukka

Is this a new trend? After work, instead of grabbing a burger or a beer, you get yourself a hukka and a belly dancer! Dilip

All That Jazz!

A jazz player who looks like a Bollywood hero? As New York Times jazz critic Ben Ratliff wrote, "Sachal Vasandani was a total surprise: He

Oh, Brother!

There's another Jon making it in the fashion world - Sanjana, sister of flamboyant designer Anand Jon. At the recent Fashion Week in New York,

The World's Biggest Couch Potato

Suresh Joachim is a man obsessed. Why else would someone watch television non-stop for 69 hours and 48 minutes straight? All ABC shows, without sleeping

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