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Rickshaw Blog

If you've been enchanted by the "poetry, phrases, expressions" on the back of rickshaws on the Indian subcontinent,  treat yourself to the Rickshaw Blog (rickshaw.blogspot.com),


So you want a prayer, but can't travel to Madurai? No sweat, the Meenakshi temple, one of the holiest Hindu shrines, can come to you, thanks

On The Run Blogger

A millionaire property moghul's daughter who jumped jail and reveled in her freedom on the popular blog Myspace.com is back behind bars. Farah Damji, a

Your Honor's Phunnee

A Mumbai lawyer is petitioning the state high court for relief against the "incomprehensible" English skills of a local magistrate, which he complains, undermines "the

India World's 12th Largest Economy

India now ranks as the world's 12th largest economy., according to the World Bank's tabulation of 2005 gross domestic product.  1.  UNITED STATES  $12.46 trillion  2.  JAPAN  $4.51 trillion  3.  GERMANY  $ 2.78 trillion  4.  CHINA  $

Bells On Their Feet

It was something Sheena and Kristen Dauro started when they were just six and seven. Now nine years later, they were ready for their arangetram,

Mahesh Manjrekar's Crusade

You all know Mahesh Manjrekar as the director of such critically acclaimed films as Vaastav, Astitva and Viruddh, but the Bombay-born filmmaker wears many hats.

Never Say Goodbye Hello, Big Bucks

Well, the waiting is over. Karan Johar's much anticipated Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (Never Say Goodbye) has finally hit the big screens. KANK, as it

Bullying Mother In Laws, Beware

A British court has ordered Dalbir Kaur Bhakar to pay $65,000 to her former daughter-in-law, Gina Satvir Singh, for physical and mental abuse. Singh, who married

The Interpreter Of Fashion

Growing up in California, Rachel Roy, the daughter of an Indian father and Dutch mother, often rummaged through boxes of colorful sarees to create something

Mind Your Language - Signs Of The Time


The Taj Through Rose Tinted Glasses

Did you think the Taj Mahal was in Agra, India? Well, yes. But the Pink Taj Mahal is only in America! This is New York

Journey's: The Two Punjabs Connect In America

The gigantic neon sign hits you like a ton of bricks as you drive down 21st Street in Astoria, a Queens neighborhood that was solidly

Big Bucks For Big Ideas

Want to make a quick $100,000? All you need to do is write 175 words - that's $571 and 43 cents a word! Yes, even

Music: Indian Ocean Laps At American Shores

The Indian Ocean is finally lapping at America's shores. If you're more into geography than music that might have you wondering. Well, Indian Ocean is

Books: A World Of Broken Mirrors Or Tito's Gift

"How much the broken mirror wished that it could be like those free dust particles and go anywhere with the wild wind. How much it


Wher's the Party, Yaar?

By Bullock Cart, Phut-Phut and Boat

If you thought school meant sedate brick buildings and yellow school buses, wander through *Going to School in India* and you will get a new

Dancing Her Convictions

Imagine a bird entombed inside a cemented ceiling, unable to escape, unable to fly free. Now imagine this metaphor for women's rights translated into dance

A Traveler By Religion

One is tempted to ask Preety Sengupta if she has a mole under her left foot, a sure sign in folklore that the person will

Journeys: The Foul Smell Of Gentrification

Journeys are about changing landscapes and movement, but when the devotees of Mammon have their way, they are also about gentrification, of building overpriced towers

Have You Tried This?

Khanna-Sutra's Aphrodisiac Treats

Too Stiff To Be Married

Beware! If you don't look too lovey-dovey in your wedding pictures, the Canadian government may not allow you to immigrate to Canada! Immigration authorities are

Art: Mapping The Dislocation

She left the house in Aligarh where she was born when she was 21 in pre-partition India, and after that she saw it only in

Bollywood 101

Listen up, students: you can now immerse yourself in your favorite Bollywood movies, and when your parents ask you what you're up to, you can

Discoveries: Tuck Into That Curry

You never listened to your amma, but she was right about the myriad benefits of turmeric. Now the powers that be are saying it too.

Harry Porter's Desi Date

You can't get away from them - not even if you are Harry Potter! The latest film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire has

TV: The Kumars Are Comig

Want to see what a "typical" Indian family living in North of London is like? Then tune in to the adventures of The Kumars at

Intimidated Or Merely Mesmerized

Arjun Rampal, asked about the experience of working with the Big Guy in Ek Ajnabee, said, "The only difference was that in Ankhen I was


But where's India?

Suphala's Tabla

She's learnt from the best - Ustad Alla Rakha and his son Zakir Hussain. Now tabla player and composer Suphala is bringing this ancient instrument

Ghost Busters!

Malevolent ghosts stealing your chickens and torturing you in the night? Who you gonna call?   For farmer Sunil Das, his first call was the police,

Knowledge Is Skin Deep

We all know how sensitive human fingertips are - be it feeling a baby's face or handling a hot pan. Now two chemical engineers have

A Meaty Inheritance

Trying to give up red meat and just can't? Or do you have a hankering for seafood that leads you automatically to the oyster bar?

Sarina Jain's Kid Stuff

When Sarina Jain, the Masala Bhangra fitness expert, put out a casting call for kids for a bhangra workout video, 145 children turned up. This

All's Fair In Love And Sats!

If your parents have a lot of moolah, you can get all the SAT help that you need but if you're not too rich, you're

Sacha And The History Boys

The History Boys, the Broadway show that won the most Tony Awards this season and actually tied the record for most wins for a play

Mumbai: Rudest Or Most Caring

The overly genteel Reader's Digest was rude enough to label Mumbai the rudest city in the world - and Asia the rudest continent. But surely

Fashion Wrap, Coast To Coast

There was a time when Indian American brides had to journey to India to get the haute couture fashions of top designers, but now the

Non Stop Lost Baggage Woes

So what do you do when your bags are lost?

A Slice Of Gujarat, Served With Nostalgia And Love

As a child in Raleigh, N.C., Priti Chitnis Gress yearned for the all-American burgers and pizzas instead of the traditional food being cooked in her

Uncle Craig's Children

The photos are striking, capturing vignettes of ordinary people, ordinary lives. The photographers, though, are by no means ordinary. They are all children who have

The Indian Billionaires Club

The number of billionaires in India more than doubled from last year to 27 in the 2005 Forbes' annual list of the richest Indians. The group

A New Yoga Posture

The Indian government is squaring off against overseas yoga and fitness instructors, accusing them of pirating practices that are thousands of years old.   In recent years,


Have HavanKund, will travel

Mind Your Language



Code4Bill. Sounds like a secret coded message during the Cold War, but is simply Bill Gates talk for a contest across India to search for


Souza sells for $ 1.5 Million on the internet

Food Fight

A Chinese mall restaurant is engaged in a food fight to bar Indian and Japanese restaurants from selling rice on their menu saying it has

That's A Lot Of Pink Paint

This gives a new meaning to painting the town pink. Jaipur recently had its month long 278th foundation day celebrations and the day began with

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