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Sugar Free Gulab Jamuns

Dance: Keeper Of The Family Jewels

It's Grandmother, Mother and Son Inc. The fabulous dance tradition of legendary T. Balasaraswati is now being carried on by her grandson, Aniruddha Knight. The

The Chili King Of Vermont

Millbrook Country Inn and Restaurant is a classic cape-style farmhouse built in the 1850s, midway between the ski slopes and the village of Waitsfield, on


Super-Hit or Super-Flop?


Many South Asian immigrants who came to America in the 60s brought with them the power of their gray cells and their math skills, taking



Make Jokes Not War

People search for many things in India, but comedian Albert Brooks is the first one to search for laughs - and the first one to

No Rats And Roaches, Please!

Ever wondered what goes on in the kitchens of your favorite restaurants, including desi ones? Now you can take a health inspector with you to

Mind Your Language


Funny Money

Sir Richard Branson, the mega-magnate of Virgin Airlines, Virgin Music & Entertainment, and Virgin Books is partnering with Deepak Chopra, Shekhar Kapur, and Gotham Chopra

Called Foul For Yoga

One of the National Football League's premier running back Ricky Williams may be trading himself -to yoga. Williams announced recently that he is heading to

Daddy's Daughter

What do you get when you mix a Norwegian with a Kashmiri? A stunner! Lisa Fotedar MIller, whose mother is from Norway and father from

Watch The Novel

Never got around to reading R.K.Narayan's masterpiece Malgudi Days? Never fear. Now DVD buffs can sit back and view the novel rather than read it!

Soapsuds And Bollywood

This is probably a first for daytime soaps on American TV - a full-blown Bollywood musical fantasy! NBC's Passions, which is a sizzling drama set

Sexy In The Eye Of The Beholder

He's a PhD from Harvard, an expert in planetary science, fluid mechanics, hydrology, geodynamics, and physical volcanology. He's been voted amongst the "Brilliant Ten" by

The Laughing Indian

One thing is certain: when he calls you, you can't put the phone down without bursting into laughter. He has just to walk into a

The Little India Dozen

Ayesha Dharker turns Goddess

The Next Fitness Guru

Actress Pia Lindstrom, Amy Butte, CEO of NYSE and model Megan McKenzie are some of her clients and Rupa Mehta, founder of the Nalini Method,

Silken Again

The historical Silk Route connecting India and China - closed for 44 years, since the Indo-China War in 1962 - is reopening on July 6.

No Apartments For Meateaters

No smoking, no pets, no drums - and now no meat-eating! Renting an apartment in Mumbai just got harder! "It's not a question of pets,

Make No Bones About It

An exterminator searching a crawl space beneath a Kansas City condominium was startled to find human skull poking out of a gym bag. It turned

Don't Want To Do Homework? Outsource It!

Now American students who are having trouble with their Math or science, can get even eleventh hour help from teachers in India and homework solutions

Bazaar On Wheels

Who would have thought you could pick up a wedding necklace at your neighborhood Marriott Hotel or a designer outfit while sipping chai at a

Highest Wicket Takers In Tests

      Highest wicket-takers in tests: 685  Shane Warne, Australia (140 matches)  635  Muttiah Muralitharan, Sri Lanka (106)  542  Glenn McGrath, Australia (119)  523  Anil Kumble,

Love's Labor's Lost In 60's India

William Shakespeare's "Love's Labor's Lost" reminded director Michael Kahn of the 1960s, when celebrities and others swarmed to India to study transcendental meditation with Maharishi

Dhandu Ram's Okra Crunch


Yuva, The New Kid On The Block

What does a New York restaurateur give his sweetheart? A brand new restaurant to reflect her personality! Kedar Shah, whose family owns several hotels and the

Lost Your Shirt? Get Moneypants

 "Tell late fees to kiss your assets! We email you before bills are due."Hardly the language you'll find on a financial website, but if you've

Grammy Gold

It's unusual to hear the name Balakrishnan in relation to jazz music rather than software development, but David Balakrishnan, violinist and founder of the Turtle

Walking Backward, Barefoot

Can you go forward by walking backward? Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy came from a privilege family, graduated from Doon School and St. Stephen's College and was

Bollywood In Diapers

 Now we've seen it all. Bollywood directors are getting so youthful that they might soon be directing from the crib! A media report says that

Jain To Jain Heart To Heart

If you're a Bansal, a Shah, a Jain or a Mehta and you're looking for your soulmate, also a Bansal, Shah, Jain or Mehta -

Where The Cars Are

The phut puts, buses, lorries, cycles and scooters, not to mention camels and cows, better make room on the highways for the future flood of


Now desis can take credit for inventing the kiss! One would think this form of communication, much frowned on by Indian society and the Indian

Flying Yogis Vs Flying Missiles

Better tell George Bush that there's a cheaper and more cost-effective way of winning the war! Put away those exorbitantly priced, horrendously destructive missiles and

The Gup-Shup Experts

Indians are a nation of nonstop talkers so it's no surprise that after catching up with China, India is projected to surpass it to become

101 Uses For Condoms

Now we know why India has a population of over a billion and still climbing. The condoms are being used for quite unintended purposes. India

Indian Movie, American Money And The Producer Sings!

Now movie-making is being outsourced to India!Telebrands, a New Jersey based American company which deals in infomercials, has jumped into the Bollywood business, producing Aryan,

The Human Jalebi

Ravi the Scorpion Mystic, aka Ram Sagar Seepersad, is living every young boy's dream of running away from home with the circus! A contortionist with

Fashion MD

She may not be able to fix your hot flashes or your cough, but she can certainly transform the health of your wardrobe!  The world may


Send us your photos capturing an interesting or intriguing aspect of Indian life in America and win $50.Every month, we will publish a selection of

Go Figure! Win $30

Almost two-thirds misidentified Photo 1 as the Taj Mahal, to which the Bibi ka Maqbara bears a striking resemblance. Indeed, it is also known as

Culinary Journey From India To South Africa

An Invitation to Indian Cooking was Madhur Jaffrey's first cookbook for the American market, published in 1973. It is still regarded as a classic and

Shell Out Says New York

India is a dead beat and needs to fork out $28 million for back taxes, says New York City. Now a federal appeals court has

Run Budhia Run

The Orissa government has banned a four-year-old boy who ran 40 miles in seven hours from marathons out of fear for his health. Budhia Singh,

Arjun Most Popular Indian American Baby Name

Arjun again edged out Aditya as the most popular Indian male baby name in America in 2005.The Social Security Administration recorded it as the 701

Journeys: From Chandigarh To America, By Ship

They came to America 20 years ago, a hundred strong, on a ship from India: men, women, children, cattle and scores of monkeys, all stowed

Where Could Kaavya Be?

Life sometimes can be a bit of a Bollywood tear-jerker. One minute you're on top of the world, the next you are broken to pieces.

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