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Generous Uncles?

 Three recent Harvard graduates have launched a website that seeks to match cash-strapped Harvard students with alums willing to offer them interest-free loans from $500

This Ain’t Funny

Pakistan is threatening pranksters mocking President President Asif Ali Zardari.

The Dish

Reporter Krystin Wiggs, acknowledged she had been deceived by an elaborate hoax.

The Hillary Platter

During her recent visit to India, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who professes fondness for Indian food, made sure she caught a dinner at  Bukhara,

Frisking Kalam

India’s Civil Aviation Minister has denounced the airline.

Burger King Withdraws Ad

After several Hindu groups protested the ad depicting the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, Burger King issued a public apology.

Dressed For The Year

Matheiken has pledged to wear the same dress for a full year.

Indian-American Belize Envoy

A diet of Indian curry two or three times a week lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia

Heather’s Tantric Sex

Actress Heather Graham, of Boogie Nights, The Guru and Austin Powers says “You haven’t lived until you have tried tantric sex.” Graham told Britain’s Daily

Millionth English Word

Web 2.0 has bested Jai Ho and Slumdog as the millionth English word or phrase.According to The Global Language Monitor, which tracks latest trends in

Obama Indians

93% of all South Asians voted for Obama.

What’s With He & He?

The study found higher ratios of boys to girls, especially if the first child was a girl, or if the first two children were girls.

Republican Minority

Nearly three times as many American minorities are Democrats than Republicans.A Gallup survey found that 89% percent of rank-and-file Republicans are non-Hispanic whites, just 5%

Pill Mill

The couple are charged with a $9 million medical fraud scheme.

Whose Fault

A veteran Edison police officer who berated a superior for refusing to help him rescue Indians in a car crash will not be disciplined for

Vital Signs

Over the years, Thackeray has denounced Muslims.

Obama’s Keema Touch

Obama's affinity for Pakistani culture and the great Urdu poets.

Mirchi Bomb

Hand grenade packed with the world’s hottest chili powder.

Sued for Stealing Wife

Bittar romanced Ronda with expensive gifts.

Haley’s Comet

South Carolina State Rep. Nikki Haley, who is running for governor, moved rapidly to put her distance from disgraced Gov. Mark Sanford, whose endorsement she once coveted.

His Beef With Tacos

Indian parent charges a Cincinnati public school with religious discrimination.

Curry on Fire

A bag of curry triggered fire alarms in the cargo hold of a Frankfurt-bound Air India Boeing 747 with 235 passengers on board, prompting the pilots to activate fire extinguishers and return the plane Mumbai after being airborne for an hour.

Bulletproof Turbans?

Development of bullet-proof turbans to enable Sikhs to serve in armed units.

Gurkha Veterans’ Last Stand

The government caves in to demands giving Gurkha veterans automatic rights to British residency.

No Place For Crap

No toilet. No bride

Diamonds in the Rough

The global recession has taken the sparkle off India’s diamond polishing industry, which cuts and polishes 70% of the world’s diamonds. As a part of

Karate Kid

At age 5 shehas become the world’s youngest karate black belt

153 Parliamentary Crooks

Over a quarter of newly elected parliamentarians in India’s national elections have criminal cases pending against them.

Me Slumdog, You Millionaire

Mumbai municipal authorities have razed the shantytown homes of Slumdog Millionaire child stars

Flying Shoe Flies High

The shoe became a novel form of political protest during this year’s election cycle

$400,000 Rare Lincoln Stamp

A rare 90 cent Abraham Lincoln stamp used to ship a letter from Boston to an Ice House in Calcutta in 1873 is expected to


The Soleckshaw aims to reduce the physical burdens of India’s 8 million rickshaw drivers.

Indian Mata Hari?

De Sousa, 53, insists she is not a CIA agent and was not involved in the kidnapping

Obama’s Autograph

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had an unusual request for Pres. Barack Obama

Obama’s Cricket Lessons

West Indies cricketer Brian Lara gives Pres. Barack Obama cricket lessons on the sidelines of the Fifth Summit of the Americas. 

She's Hot!

Tamuly felt terrible at missing her earlier record in which she consumed 60 chilis.

Cricket’s New Height

A 20-overs match at 17,000 feet

Six Day School Week?

To compete for jobs with kids from India and China

Raining Shoes

Throwing a shoe, which last year elevated an unknown Iraqi journalist to international journalist stardom, has become the protest of choice in this year’s parliamentary

Henna Sausages

A British company has introduced a line of sausages branded in henna patterns created with edible ink.

Get A Simpler Name

It would behoove you and your citizens to adopt a name that we could deal with more readily here

Limbaugh Ridicules Indian Outsourcers

Increasingly shrill radio host Rush Limbaugh is taking heat for a flippant remark ridiculing “slumdog” Indian outsourcers.

The Biggest Losers

Anil Ambani is the biggest loser in this year’s Forbes list of the World’s Billionaires. Ambani lost $3.9 billion of his fortune as shares of

Chew on This

Director general of the Dubai municipality, says, “We are taking all measures to stop its sale here."

Hearty Insult?

Tharoor denies disrespecting any national symbol

Kundra’s Youthful Indiscretion

Kundra pled guilty to shoplifting four shirts valued at $134 from a JC Penney store in Maryland County, Md., in 1996.

Steaming Rice

Sale or use of Basmati rice as a side dish or ingredient shall not be deemed a violation of the prohibition of the sale of rice

$5.5 Million Baroda Prophet Carpet

A 150 year old carpet sold for almost $5.5m at a Sotheby’s auction in Doha.

Pyre ‘Dignity’

Being bundled into a box and incinerated in a furnace is not my idea of dignity, much less the performance of an ancient sacrament.

Celebrity Doc Charged

Celebrity doctor Sandeep Kapoor is charged with furnishing prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith.

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