WikiCables: Modi Vying for National Role

"Having recovered from the crisis invoked by our visa revocation and his tyrannical management style, Modi is positioning himself as a national leader by reminding people that Gujarat has done a fine job of economic governance, notwithstanding the black stain the (2002) riots left,."

Portrait of a Lady

A State Minister was "forced to do sit-ups in front of her as penance for not first asking permission to call on UP's governor" by Mayawati, according to a U.S. Embassy cable.

Bombing Afghanistan With Bollywood

In a page out of the Cold War, U.S. diplomats proposed recruiting Bollywood celebrities for the country's Afghanistan propaganda campaign.

2011 Feels Like 1980 Again

Casting a glance back at how India appeared to the outside world just a few months ago is rather like looking at grainy footage of yesteryear: a booming economy, IT whiz-kids making waves all over the globe, top ranking in international Test cricket, the ICC Cricket World Cup in the bag, Bollywood on the roll.

A Carnival Called India

Wah India. Your myriad avatars, your million mutinies never cease to amaze. We try hard to hijack you. Some cry, "India is Indira". Others sing, "You are my Sonia". Still others chant, "Saffron Shining."

Gandhi's Revenge

For India to join the developed world it needs much more than eight-lane highways and spanking new airport terminals. It needs to drag its politics into the 21st century, along with the rest of the country.

Security Bruises

The infighting between the U.S. Secret Service and the Indian security agencies was a frequently entertaining and always frustrating backstory dogging Obama’s four-day India visit.

Bahoot Dhanyavad!

That’s how US President Barack Obama greeted the Indian Parliament on his recent trip, part of the cute exotica that all but turned Mumbai city upside down.

A Tight Embrace

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrapped his arms tightly around Pres. Barack Obama at every public event, visually symbolizing what Obama called a “defining partnership of the 21st century” between the two countries.

The Right’s Last Gasp

America was once their country. They sense they are losing it. And they are right.

Behind The Glitter

Behind the scene at the White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

The Indian guests at the three state dinners for Indian prime ministers during this decade are a study in contrasts and reflect the political bases and priorities of the hosting administration.

Is India’s BJP Turning Republican?

The intriguing fall-outs of the recent parliamentary elections

Abdul Kalam on Competition and Dependence

Former Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, popularly known as the “Missile Man of India, is the youngest child of a Muslim boatman and best selling author of eight books, including his autobiography, Wings of Fire.

Mumbai Terror Attacks; Does Kasab Really Deserve Legal Aid

A debate rages on the ethics of representing the “Butcher of Bombay.”

The Reluctant Warrior

Obama struggles with the painful predicament that haunted Arjun in the Mahabharat.

The Wrong Lessons

Can we please halt the sappy musings about swinging a beer at Café Leopold or picking at samosas at Taj’s Sea Lounge?

Controversy Derails Sonal Shah

Under growing public pressure from progressive Indian American groups, Sonal Shah, a member of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition advisory board, who was rumored to be

Obama Trounces McCain 4 to 1 Among Asian Indians

A new national survey finds that Barack Obama has a lopsided lead over John McCain in the presidential elections among Indian American voters.

Obama's Promising Hope

After eight years of an administration that was openly contemptuous of intellectual thought, it will be a welcome relief should Barack Obama -- a man who brings intellectual curiosity and a nuanced understanding of the world to the enormous global tasks awaiting the next occupant of the White House -- win the race for the U.S. presidency.

Political Game Changer

The center of gravity of the Indian American political scene shifted this election cycle from the old guard in both political parties.

The Case For McCain

John McCain has been a strong and consistent friend of India and the Indian American community.

The Case For Obama

We need leaders who see our diversity as our greatest strength and globalization as an opportunity.

Political Dozers

If you are well-disposed to the American political orientation and have sufficiently lowered your expectations, then the convention speeches might be fun.

Remember Those Conventions?

What a difference a day, a week, a month make! Let's not even talk about tomorrow!

Don't Look Back Now!

With two sensational political conventions over, the campaign has begun in earnest. Despite the call for a new politics and the rhetoric of change from

Remember the Immigration Issue?

The issue of immigration was not discussed at either political convention. Of course, it would be foolish for us to think this is an election

The Obama Problem Of The 21st Century

The press conference of the American Muslim Democratic Caucus was instructive of some of the inherent problems in Barack Obama’s candidacy for White House. As

Reality Isn’t What it is Cracked up to be!

The first day on the (Democratic) Convention floor simply revealed what cynics amongst us have already known: that nothing you see on television, read in

Hillary Has Still Not Released Delegates

Even as Hillary Clinton takes to the Convention floor this evening, she has still not released her pledeged delegates to support Barack Obama.Several Indian American

Conventions: Spectacles of Power

 Political conventions by definition are spectacles. Most of us do not attend them but they are right there, in the media, on film and deep

In Defense of Joe Biden

 COMMENTARYAmidst all the hype, have we missed the "real" story? The Indian American Community is diverse. What’s wrong with that?The recent comments by Senator Joe

Lo, It's Joe!

Okay. Those of you who work at Seven Eleven or Dunkin Donuts and those who go there,  now have a spokesperson on Obama’s team.It is

Wanted: Some Humor and Sarcasm

 Apparently, McCain does not remember how many houses he has. Perhaps he does not walk around with his copy of the pre-nuptial he signed with

Our "Evil" and Theirs

Rick Warren, who presides over a “mega” church in California, hosted a forum for the candidates on issues of faith. Much has been made about

Parsing the Words in Party Platforms

By their very nature, the platforms of political parties are boring documents. It is as if all the budding bureaucrats, now enthusiastic campaign workers and

Obama & McCain: The Power Of Superstitions

Both candidates for the Presidency of the United States are reportedly superstitious. John McCain calls himself a superstitious sailor. He does not put his hat

Beyond The Glitz

To an outsider, or to a rational student of media and democracy, this is a land of wonders. The world is burning. The United States

As the World Burns: Let's Return to the Glitz

To an outsider, or to a rational student of media and democracy, this is a land of wonders. The world is burning. The United States

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