Obama: "Not only do I think I'm a desi, but I'm a desi."

At a San Fransisco Fundraiser on Aug 17, Barack Obama endeared himself to his Indian and Pakistani American contributors by playfully identifying himself as a

Don't Worry About the Stench in Victory

This is a "historic" convention. That may be true for all the reasons we know so far. A historic candidacy, an energized grass roots of

Is It Going to Rain on Biden?

The Convention Clock is ticking for the Democrats. Everyone is joining in with the best they can bring. One evangelical (Stuart Shepard of CitizenLink) is

Twilight Of Empire

The coming decade will mark the inflexion point and how the U.S. navigates the transition ought to be its central focus

Science Of Multiculturalism

The world's largest ever gene mapping exercise has found that the "genetic landscape of the Indian population captures the genetic diversity of the world."The Indian

Sen Ted Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

I believe there is one candidate who has extraordinary gifts of leadership and character, matched to the extraordinary demands of this moment in history.

Toni Morrison's Endorsement of Obama

Wisdom is a gift; you can't train for it, inherit it, learn it in a class, or earn it in the workplace.

Obama for President

There is something magical and transcendental in this moment about Sen. Barack Obama both for the country and the Indian American community.

Long Playing Tragedy

Benazir Bhutto’s assassination marks another sad and volatile chapter in South Asia that is likely to be misunderstood here and elsewhere.

The Indian American Bundlers

Hillary Clinton has bagged almost half the Indian American bundlers this primary season.

Power Politics

Indian Americans are rolling up their sleeves this election as never before.

Power Plays

Business Implications of the Indo-U.S. Nuclear Deal

M.I.A. America

A new recording artist who finds success can expect many perks, including financial rewards. But perhaps the most exciting side benefit is the explosion of

Who's Chicken, Mr. Sen?

A candid and hard-hitting open letter from a senior journalist to India's current Ambassador in Washington D.C. exposes the hypocrisy of our desi babudom.

Indian Independence And The African American Struggle

Indian expatriates in America shared a common cause with African American leaders before Independence.

Lessons From Indira Gandhi for Hillary Clinton

The more we see Hillary Clinton, watch her unfold herself and unfurl her strategy, the more we are forced to think of our own Hillary -- Indira Gandhi.

Let's Topple All Tyrants

Is this the world we live in? Is it real?

Till Ethnicity Do us Part

His desi credentials notwithstanding, Bobby Jindal does not get my vote.

Hate Crimes Against Indians

South Asians, Arabs and Muslims are the collateral damage of 9/11.

The New Janitor

Almost everyone in this country is coming to the uncomfortable recognition that the war with Iraq is as good as lost or at best it is on the verge of a major failure.

Judgement Day!

If only for a brief, but bright, spell, Americans are fed up with hypocritical Right Wing blowhards. The Lord at last has issued his thundering

All Too Real Taboo

The West has long cannibalized the rest of the world. So what's new?

Quest for the Ordinary

Hanif Kureishi Unplugged.

Sonia Gandhi and the Hypocrisy of the Saffron NRIs

It is a disgrace on the BJP that its leaders revile the Constitution openly and use every racist and cruelly cultural nationalist argument against Sonia

What A Shame

Why Sonia Gandhi ascendancy makes liberal-minded patriotic Indians hang their heads in acute embarrassment.

Ronnie And Me

Ronald Reagan made me into an unabashed leftist.

No Beating About the Bush

They are of voting age and angry.

Why Are They Hiding

Indian American Republicans always ask us to forgive their politics

Will the Indian Jesse Stand Up?

Does the community need the equivalent of an Indian Jesse Jackson?

Filmy Rajniti Chakkar

Film stars make the strangest political bedfellows.


Can't bear the thought of four more years of King George?

Does It Really Matteram?

Seldom in a nation's history does a single event simultaneously expose the shallow and cynical vote-seeking machinations of the ruling party as well as its

Shashi Tharoor: The Next UN Secretary General?

Many years ago when Shashi Tharoor was asked about his passion for writing, he quoted George Bernard Shaw: "I write for the same reason that

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