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Zeroing in on Zero

Indians are convinced they discovered the zero.Can they prove it?

The Art and Science of Music

There is an art and a science to composing sound designed to promote a product or company.

Signal & The Noise

The consumer insights that come from analytics give a competitive advantage to firms that use them strategically.

The Higgs Boson Manifesto

At a deeper level, the real issue at stake in the debate over the “God Particle” is a choice between two different worldviews.

Playing with Light

The implications of the faster-than-light neutrinos experiment are both exhilarating and chilling.

Is the Universe Infinite?

The history — and knowledge — of the universe carved by humans, based on the information we received, is a small part of the big picture: a universe of our own creation, one that is plagued by dark forces and our ignorance.

Mind Over Matter

Did matter create consciousness or consciousness matter?

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