Tawang Land Of Monpas

A north eastern Indian town known to be the Land of Dawn-lit Mountains is caught in some unfinished India-China border business.

You Lose

If you can’t look them in the eye, if you can’t lean close to them, if you can’t see the authenticity in the penury, you lose.

Bedazzled in Bali

Our writer heads to Bali to enjoy the beaches and the verdant rice fields, but finds herself bewitched by the religion of this little island.

Footloose In Bilbao

Our roving reporter continues his global journey.

Confining & Liberating Sexuality

Genital pleasures confine, not define, our sexuality.

Varanasi Sacred & Profane

The cricket game, like everything else in Varanasi, carries on amidst the funeral chants and the grieving.

Smart Cameras And Smarts

The implication — anyone who uses a camera cannot be that smart.

Western Gaze: Country Of Contrast

For an American visiting India for the first time, the reaction to the cows isa good metaphor for how well they have tuned in to the charms of the country.

Giving Up The Mask

We travel because we are condemned to return home.

Western Gaze: Mementos Of The Heart

Notwithstanding the volume of mementos I brought home, they are no matchfor what I carry of India in my heart, my mind, and my life.

Why We Travel To India

In this upside down world they wonder why you come searching for a place they cannot leave.

Train In India

If you allow yourself to submit to India, it stimulates you into experiencing a whole new eco-system of cultures, values and ways.

Footloose Indian in Santa Maria de Belém

A trip to Lisbon, Portugal, is a tour down the lanes of history.

Footloose Indian in London

Somewhere between commutes and late night bashes, I pause and ponder on London's strong historical and cultural linkages with my own roots and "Indianness."

The Long, Hot Summer

And the Indian thirst-quenchers which cool you down...

Bhutan's Search for Gross National Happiness

Bhutan is one country where the Indian passport puts you at an advantage.

Dancing With The Bears

The Arctic chill has turned hot for Subhankar Banerjee.

Jalandhar in Jakarta

Indonesia leaves most Indians unscathed. Nobody wants to be an Indonesian, not even the Sindhis.  The music slams into my chest as soon as I

Traveller's Tales

On the trail of bumbling and stumbling wanderers.

So What Are You Doing This Summer?

Are you ready to embrace the promise of the summer?

World Of Indias

There are as many Indias as you can see, dream or imagine.

New York! New York!

A mini-world within worlds, it has something for everyone.

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